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Hot Shot: Jared Leto Wears a Spirit Hood

Hot Shot: Jared Leto Wears a Spirit Hood

Jared Leto is a cuddly little wolf, you guys. He’s just, a soft, cute, cuddly wolf, who wants nothing more than to reach over with his tiny paws and pet you gently on the face. So lean in close, and Jared will touch you, and then he’ll kiss you, and then he’ll rip your fucking head off and write a song about it.
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Video: Conan O’Brien Wears A Spirit Hood!

Video: Conan O'Brien Wears A Spirit Hood!

Vanessa Hudgens was a guest on Conan last night, and she brought Mr. O’Brien a Spirit Hood! He got the wolf, which is cute, but we totally would have pegged CoCo as a panda. Also, in her interview we learn that Vanessa and her mom hang out at the Saddle Ranch Chop House in West Hollywood, which is where all the sorority girls we went to college with would go to ride the mechanical bull and vomit.

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Video: Funny Or Die Tackles Ke$ha’s Dollar Sign

Video: Funny Or Die Tackles Ke$ha's Dollar Sign

If there’s one question the world has for singer and fellow Spirit Hood enthusiast Ke$ha it’s probably “Um, do you need to come over and take a shower?” But if two questions are allowed, the second one is definitely “Grrrrl, why the heck do you spell your name like that?” A new Funny or Die video tackles that second issue and comes up with a pretty surprising answer to the history of the moneyed moniker. And it isn’t “To dominate SEO.” More »