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5 Facts About How To Be A Gentleman‘s David Hornsby

5 Facts About How To Be A Gentleman's David Hornsby

You’ve probably seen the posters for CBS’ new Thursday-night sitcom How to Be a Gentleman: Johnny Drama/Kevin Dillon as the boor and a vaguely-familiar actor as the scared-looking prude. But even though he’s the less recognizable of the two, David Hornsby is the ultimate hyphenate: Actor, writer, producer, comedian. Here are five facts about how David went from babysitting to working on four shows at once. More »

JWOWW Gives A Licking And Keeps on Ticking

JWOWW Gives A Licking And Keeps on Ticking

e feel bad for anyone who angers Jenni “JWOWW” Farley from MTV’s Jersey Shore. Even Angelina. (Sometimes.) The woman is stacked, and as she’s demonstrated on the show, she knows how to throw a punch. The producers of TNA Wrestling have certainly taken note. They recently paid JWOWW a cool $15,000 to appear on Spike TV’s IMPACT!

JWOWW’s first fight was last night. And from the looks of it, some Jersey Shore wannabe got some straight up JWOWW open hand slapping shipped directly to her face. More »