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5 Things We’d Give Speidi To Leave The Country

5 Things We'd Give Speidi To Leave The Country

Would you pay Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt 100 grand to stay out of the US? A website called would! The betting odds site has offered the couple a ton of money to move to Costa Rica and “manage the odds and lines surrounding the entertainment sector” of their operation — whatever that means. Apparently Heidi and Spencer are flat broke and totally considering taking the gig.

Because we care deeply about Speidi’s personal finances we thought we’d throw some extra stuff into the pot to sweeten the deal: More »

7 Celebrity Couples Overshadowed By Brangelina

7 Celebrity Couples Overshadowed By Brangelina

Guess what? Topher Grace and Camilla Belle are dating or in the-early-stages-of. Topher, who once dated Ivanka Trump, likes put-together women. Camilla fits the bill. But paparazzi pics of them together won’t fetch a whole lot. That’s because – to put it bluntly – they’re not Brangelina. Or Zac and Vanessa. Or Ronnie and Sammi. (The photo to the left is a WENN image of Topher with Jessica Alba standing in for Camilla because Topher/Camilla are an invisible couple). More »

Crush Links: Snooki Hookup Jeff Miranda Speaks!

Crush Links: Snooki Hookup Jeff Miranda Speaks!

Jeff Miranda, the 24-year-old former Iraq war veteran, only just met Snooki last Friday at Karma. He says, “Just kissing her was a rush. Her lips are matched perfectly to mine … I couldn’t even explain it.” And then! “She got mad at me because of my tongue ring. It reminded her of [ex] Emilio. I took it out of my tongue and threw it out into the beach. I took it right out for her.” (Us Weekly)

Bachelor Pad‘s Weatherman – and dark horse to win the $250K – has a blog! Possible spoiler alert: This means he probably won’t win – if ABC approves your blog, then you’re probably kicked out of the manse mid-season. (Life & Style)

Sandra Bullock on her status with tattooed philandering ex Jesse James: “We have both moved on.” (People)

Meanwhile, Speidi‘s divorce is “so Hollywood.” (Radar)

Claire Danes is now promoting a line of paint; to be fair, the colors are really tasteful. (UK Daily Mail)

Tiffani Thiessen, aka Kelly Kopowski, shows off her new baby on the NYC set of White Collar. (UK Daily Mail)

Demi Lovato is leading the hot hot hot pink dress trend. (MTV Style)

Before getting married last week, Hilary Duff and husband Mike Comrie signed a prenup. His family is worth some $500 million. Smart! (Page Six) More »