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True Blood Recap 3×12: Pour Cement On Us, We’re Done

True Blood Recap 3x12: Pour Cement On Us, We're Done

Last night’s True Blood finale…where to even begin? How about starting at the end: Alan Ball promising us post-show that next season would have more vampire politics. Just what everyone was asking for (especially me)! Or Sookie getting sucked into a Friskies commercial? Or Bill and Sophie-Anne’s Matrix fight? How about King Russell spending the entire episode as Freddy Krueger? More »

True Blood 3×5: Tara Can’t Eat Flowers

True Blood 3x5:  Tara Can't Eat Flowers

Full disclosure: I was distracted this week while watching True Blood. I started powering my way through Lost as soon as the series ended, and finally got finished it. So sorry if I can’t focus on your ridiculous show about vampires and werewolves and shape-shifter politics, Mr. Alan Ball; I’m still processing the much more realistic conceit of a smoke monster on the magical island. But if I had to take a stab ( True Blugh) at it, this is what I came up with for this week’s episode: More »

True Blood 3×4: The Best Writing On Television

True Blood 3x4: The Best Writing On Television

“We just f*cked like only two vampires can,” Bill tells Sookie within a minute of the opener for this highly anticipated episode of True Blood. We’ve waited a whole two weeks to get back to this show (booo, 4th of July!), only to find that things are pretty much the same in Bon Temps/Mississippi, except the writers of our favorite vampire program have apparently been replaced by the dudes who wrote the script for Deadwood. “Shut the f*ck up!” exclaims our heroine over the phone, talking to her vampire boyfriend who just decided to call her after screwing his maker (and turning her head 160 degrees!). Welcome to the best show on earth, folks! More »