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Fan Performs “Open Letter to Stephen Fry” Live, for Stephen Fry

Fan Performs "Open Letter to Stephen Fry" Live, for Stephen Fry

At this site, we advocate crushes — it’s in our name, after all — so even though this celebrity is out of the range of what we usually cover, I couldn’t resist posting this video. You might recognize Stephen Fry from his appearances on TV shows like Bones, or cameos in V for Vendetta and Alice in Wonderland (he voiced the Cheshire Cat). But if not, know simply that he is a sweet-natured, witty British man.

Just last month, Fry tweeted Internet musician Molly Lewis‘ “Open Letter to Stephen Fry” video, in which she sweetly asked the star, despite his sexual orientation, to let her carry his child. He laughed it off, but then forces converged to bring Lewis to a Harvard event in late February, honoring Fry with the Lifetime Achievement Award. More »

Fan Fiction: This Week’s ‘Glee’ Episode A Tribute to ‘Glee’

Fan Fiction: This Week's 'Glee' Episode A Tribute to 'Glee'

(Int: McKinley High’s rehearsal room. Mr. Schue enters waving around sheet music)
Mr. Schue: Great news, guys! I have found the perfect musical act for us to perform at Nationals in New York this year!
Kurt: Rent?
Mr. Schue: No, we couldn’t get the okay from the school board to do a play that features pre-9/11 themes.
Brittany: Glengarry, Glenross?
Mr. Schue: Not a musical, Brittany.
Santana: Please tell us it’s not Yentl. I couldn’t deal with seeing Rachel sing in profile for three hours.
Rachel: Hey!
Brittany: Speed-the-Plow?
Mr Schue: Also, not a musical, Brittany.
Brittany: (mumbles) Not until David Mamet starts replying to my fan mail.
Mr. Schue: No guys….this piece is perfect for us! It combines kitsch, dramatic solos, heart-warming group numbers…We’re going to do last week’s episode of Glee, you guys! More »

Worst Single of the Week: MC Hammer or Amy Winehouse?

Worst Single of the Week: MC Hammer or Amy Winehouse?

This has been the week of terrible music, hasn’t it guys? Between MC Hammer – excuse us, King Hammer – dissing Jay-Z in his video “Better Run Run” (which in no way is a bid for relevance and is totally based on an actual beef) and Amy Winehouse‘s slurpy cover of “It’s My Party,” we’re having a really hard time deciding how to make our ears bleed this morning. Won’t you help us make this terrible, Saw-like choice where either option ends up with us cutting off our own heads”? More »