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Every Time Selena Gomez’s Song Lyrics Made Zero Sense

Every Time Selena Gomezâs Song Lyrics Made Zero Sense

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We love Selena Gomez just as must as you do, but she has some serious lyric issues. Yes, the former Disney darling, isn’t perfect, no matter what “Who Says” tells you. Sel is SO pretty, can act and she has an awesome voice, but when it comes to her song lyrics, she’s not always on point. (Maybe it’s all these other musicians‘ faults, though?) Check out her most interesting and odd lyric choices below! More »

Crushable Quotable: Will.I.Am Hates ‘My Humps’ Too

Crushable Quotable: Will.I.Am Hates 'My Humps' Too

I think that The Black Eyed Peas are responsible for many of the most annoying songs in the world, and now someone else agrees with me – the band’s frontman Will.I.Am. In an interview, he explained that when the band was first getting big he felt obligated to play their radio hits, but now that they’re huge stars or whatever he realizes that “My Humps” isn’t his masterpiece and he resents playing it. Yeah, and I resent listening to it, dude. More »