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Tim Allen’s Last Man Standing Marks A Return To Homophobic ‘Real Men’ Characters

Tim Allen's Last Man Standing Marks A Return To Homophobic 'Real Men' Characters

Tim Allen’s new sitcom Last Man Standing premiered on ABC Tuesday night, drawing jeers from sensible audience members and critics alike. Several took offense to one joke in particular. Mike (Allen) is complaining about the sensitivity training at the school his kids attend. “I just don’t think your kid should go to that school,” he says. “You know how that ends up—Boyd dancing on a float.”

Entertainment Weekly’s Tanner Stransky wrote a post on why the joke is offensive. And he’s right—it’s pretty awful. But the real problem is the series’ larger concern with masculinity, and a growing trend in returning to so-called traditional gender roles. More »

5 Better Premises for Sarah Silverman’s New NBC Sitcom

5 Better Premises for Sarah Silvermanâs New NBC Sitcom

Hey, Sarah Silverman got her pilot picked-up! That’s exciting news to me, a huge Sarah Silverman Program fan, although the premise sounds pretty conventional: she’ll star as a woman who’s newly single after having spent most of her adult life in a relationship. Boo-ring! (Imagine my voice dropping two octaves while saying that. Actually, first imagine my voice, then lower it two octaves. Great, now we’re both in prison.) Because I care, here are five suggested premises for Sarah’s new show: More »

Britney Back on TV

Britney Back on TV

Is Britney on her way to recovery? If we judge by the way things are looking she quite possibly on her way. Following a Friday dinner with Jason Trawick of William Morris, Britney was scheduled for a tv appearance on … More »