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What If Your Favorite Reality TV Multiple Families Were Actually Kittens?

What If Your Favorite Reality TV Multiple Families Were Actually Kittens?

When they said that Octomom popped out a litter, they weren’t kidding! Meet our new obsession: KittenFaces, a site/heavensent gift that will Photoshop kitten faces onto whatever picture you upload. It’s actually surprisingly easy to envision the Gosselins, Duggars, and other humongous TV families as cuddly little furballs. But because this is reality TV, they’re not declawed. More »

Crush Links: Snooki Is Celibate – Or Dating Pauly D?

Crush Links: Snooki Is Celibate - Or Dating Pauly D?

Snooki‘s not smushing? The Jersey Shore star claims she’s been celibate for three months. (Celebuzz)

Or is Snooki pregnant and dating Pauly D? We can’t decide which nonsense to believe. (MTV Australia)

Either way, we may be mourning last night’s season finale of The Jersey Shore, but MTV has announced the Macaroni Rascals will be back on our TVs January 6. Woot. (HollywoodReporter)

Penn Badgley is planning to give Gossip Girl costar Taylor Momsen some competition on stage. He’s got some songs in the works to be released soon. (InTouch)

Zach Galifinakis and crew canceled Mel Gibson‘s comeback in the Hangover 2 has been cancelled. (Hollywood Reporter)

Oh no. The Black Eyed Peas have butchered the chorus from Dirty Dancing song “(I’ve Had) the Time of My Life” in a new song. (Vulture)

Actually this pairing makes sense to us – Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. (InTouch)

This one won’t even need a real rewrite. Sister Wives is set to become a porno. (HollywoodLife) More »

Crush Links: Laura Dern and Ben Harper Break Up

Crush Links: Laura Dern and Ben Harper Break Up

• We had totally forgotten that Jurassic Park actresses Laura Dern was married to musician Ben Harper. Welp, not anymore. (E! Online)

JWOWW is going to wrassle for $15 grand. Her competitors? Jersey Shore lookalikes “Robbie E.” and “Cookie.” (TMZ)

• Kabbalah-lovers Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher are in Israel, either working on their marriage or trying to bridge Israel-Palestine relations. Which one has a better chance of succeeding? (People)

Aaron Carter is looking healthy these days. (RadarOnline)

• Oh yeah, Eminem and Anderson Cooper had their little love-in on 60 Minutes. (Perez Hilton)

Bonnie Fuller is obsessed with Sister Wives. We kind of love her for that. (Twitter)

• And if you really cared about this Kim Kardashian/Scott Disick feud…(We’re over it until he murders her with an axe, Patrick Bateman-style. ‘Cuz you know that’s who he really is.) (Celebitchy) More »

Crush Links: Lindsay Goes to Rehab (Again)

Crush Links: Lindsay Goes to Rehab (Again)

Eminem‘s new single ft. Lil Wayne “No Love.” It’s no “Love the Way You Lie,” but what is? (Vulture)

• Happy birthday, 4Chan! You are a grown-up 7-year old! (Twitter)

Mel Gibson may be a lunatic, but Oksana Grigorieva also accused James Bond actor Timothy Dalton of abuse. Lady’s got a bad track record. (TMZ)

• Is that Lindsay Lohan at Betty Ford clinic? Or a ghoooooost? (RadarOnline)

• Oh thank god, another Tawainese CGI trailer of American pop culture! This time: The Social Network! (Gawker)

• One of the Sister Wives: “We’re a family, just like any other family.” Nope. (People)

Betty White‘s biggest fan? A tiny baby! Adorbs. (The Frisky) More »

‘Sister Wives’ Family Under Investigation For Bigamy, To The Surprise Of No One

'Sister Wives' Family Under Investigation For Bigamy, To The Surprise Of No One

Bigamy is a felony in Utah and Sister Wives is a show about bigamy. That makes Sister Wives a show about a felony — and the authorities are not pleased.

The gang of 13 (including a foursome of wives) are under investigation by the Lehi, Utah police for their untraditional familial ways. Bigamy is illegal in Utah, although it’s usually left alone – unless a cable network decides to foot the bill, of course. Brother Husband Kody Brown told PopEater: “We are disappointed in the announcement of an investigation, but when we decided to do this show, we knew there would be risks. But for the sake of our family, and most importantly, our kids, we felt it was a risk worth taking.” More »

Crush Links: Kellan Lutz and Vampire Birthers

Crush Links: Kellan Lutz and Vampire Birthers

Kellan Lutz couldn’t handle the upcoming birth scene in the Twilight: Breaking Dawn without laughing. Oh, grow up. It’s an (un)natural part of life, Kellan! (People)

David Beckham‘s Bosnian hooker says she knows distinguishing characteristics about her lover’s penis to prove that she slept with him. Ooh, doooo tell. (Perez Hilton)

Lindsay Lohan was trying to sell photos to the paparazzi of her new SCRAM bracelet. Uh…that’s not how the paparazzi works, but good try. (The Superficial)

• Meanwhile, Taylor Swift will be replacing Lindsay Lohan in a new film called One Night With You. No, it’s not the Linda Lovelace biopic. (IDLYITW)

Trevor Donovan from 90210 has racked up a credit card debt that would pay off the entire coke habit of the characters from his show and still have enough left over for the kids from Gossip Girl. (TMZ)

• Someone gave Teresa Giudice another cookbook deal. Well, she’s only going to hide the money from that, as well. (The Frisky)

Sister Wives is already facing the law for its bigamy. Dammit, we knew we should have watched that premiere over Boardwalk Empire! (PopEater) More »

Video: Sneak Peek At TLC’s Upcoming Polygamy Reality Show ‘Sister Wives’

Video: Sneak Peek At TLC's Upcoming Polygamy Reality Show 'Sister Wives'

Coming this fall to TLC: Sister Wives. (She’s my wife… she’s my sister… wait, no, that’s not what this show’s about at all.) In this doc version of Big Love, a polygamous Mormon family comprised of a husband, three wives and 13 kids (one of them named Truely) promises to be the strangest reality clan we’ve seen in a while. The seven-part series deals with the family’s decision to add a fourth wife to the equation, plus who knows how many more kids. More »