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The Craziest Black Friday Incidents of 2011

The Craziest Black Friday Incidents of 2011

Black Friday violence has become just as much of a holiday tradition as turkey on Thanksgiving. If you turned on the TV Friday morning and you saw the reports of guns, stampedes, and hair-pulling. This year we also saw a lot of pepper spray since that’s the weapon of the moment. Even if you stayed home you might not have been safe from the madness of black Friday; you still probably caught a commercial playing “Friday,” and now have the ear worm stuck in your head yet again. Here are some of the scariest scenes from yesterday’s “competitive shopping.” More »

Become Our Facebook Fan, Enter To Win One Of 10 French Connection UK Dresses

Become Our Facebook Fan, Enter To Win One Of 10 French Connection UK Dresses

After a wicked winter, spring is finally upon us. And nothing says spring, to us at least, than floral print dresses, like this Lilly Lace dress (pictured) from French Connection UK. And, you can win one from Crushable this week. 10 lucky fans of Crushable on Facebook will win one of these pretty, flirty dresses.

Ten fans of Crushable on Facebook will win a Lilly Lace dress in the size of their choice. Read on to find out how to enter. More »

Crushable’s Guide To Black Friday: Stay Home

Crushable's Guide To Black Friday: Stay Home

Thanksgiving is coming this Thursday. And you know what that makes the day after that: Black Friday. Black Friday is the annual party that takes place when countless retailers open their doors to crazed shoppers who will run around picking up whatever low priced products they can stick in their carts, put under their shirts or nab from passersby. Except it’s less like a party and more like a nightmare.

All around the web I’ve been picking up tips on how to “deal with” Black Friday.

But the most important, best piece of advice is usually left out. And it’s quite simple: Stay the fuck home. More »

Now There’s A New Way To Shop With Crushable

Now There's A New Way To Shop With Crushable

You may have noticed something a little different around here. We’ve added a whole new category into the mix at Crushable, and it will let you do all your online clothing, shoes and accessories shopping without even leaving our site.

ShopNation and Crushable have launched a premium shopping engine for fashion and accessories, which you can access by simply clicking on the “Shop” tab at the top of this page. This new partnership will allow shoppers who love fashion to shop all their favorite stores and brands in one place by designer, brand, store, new arrivals and sales. Whatever you’re searching for — whether it’s clothes, shoes or even sunglasses — you’ll find it here.

Ready to shop? Start browsing now. More »

Clothing-induced shame sprial — You might be ashamed to admit it, but you probably have things in your closet that you regret buying. At least you can take comfort in the fact that you’re not alone in spending a boatload of money on something you only wore once, or worse — not at all. (via The Frisky)

Video: Crushable Asks Guys – What’s In Your Bag?

Video: Crushable Asks Guys - What's In Your Bag?

Do you ever wonder what men shop for when they’re without their lady friends? We were set to find out, and our experiment yielded two results: Dudes don’t really love it when you harass them at six p.m. on a rainy Tuesday afternoon, with temperatures dropping, and all the guys in Union Square (my favorite place, bee tee dubbs) are either trying to catch their flight home to Stockholm or not barking up my tree. Still, I now know what men buy when they don’t have a helpful women’s guidance: girl jeans, fedoras, doggie treats, and ferns. Enjoy. More »