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’90210′ By the Numbers: It’s a Nice Day for an Indian Wedding

'90210' By the Numbers: It's a Nice Day for an Indian Wedding

So there was a graduation on 90210 last night, maybe? We forgot, since the bulk of the episode was devoted to Ivy and Raj’s quickie nuptials — though once Naomi got wind of the wedding, she made sure that even if it happened in a day, it would still have an elephant and a gratuitous dance scene. 90210 did not scrimp for its season finale.

For every decision about the summer and college, there was someone unhappy with it, but damned if these West Bev kids aren’t going to get what they want! The best was when everyone kept throwing around, “Well I’m an adult, so I can get married/buy an apartment/spend the summer on a boat if I want to.” Ah, to be 18 again. More »

Video Gallery: Gory Celebrity Deaths of the ‘Scream’ Movies

Video Gallery: Gory Celebrity Deaths of the 'Scream' Movies

Although it’s fantastic that the original cast of ScreamNeve Campbell, Courteney Cox, David Arquette — is returning for Scream 4, we’re also excited to see which celebrity cameos will be in Wes Craven‘s new film. The preceding films have packed an astonishing number of celebrities in big and small roles, and due to the crucial rules of staying alive, a lot of them have met their ends in gloriously bloody deaths. Ready for a trip — with major spoilers — down memory lane? More »

Shenae Grimes Proves Some Bikinis Look Better With Curves

Shenae Grimes Proves Some Bikinis Look Better With Curves

This weekend while suntanning in Hawaii, 90210 star Shenae Grimes went out in a bikini and caught the attention of the paparazzi. Why? Because she was wearing “unflattering black granny panties,” according to The Daily Mail.

Interestingly, Shenae’s actually gained some weight since she started on 90201 and sparked rumors that she suffered from anorexia. But she’s still too skinny to work this outfit. More »

Sweet Repeat: Celebrities Looking Miserable In Front Row of Fashion Week

Sweet Repeat: Celebrities Looking Miserable In Front Row of Fashion Week

We know Fashion Week, for all it’s glamor and gift bags, can be exhausting. But most of the time, we’re grateful to even get a seat or be snapping pics on the red carpet, even if it means walking 20 blocks on the West Side Highway (in heels) just to make it to a show someone’s decided to hold in a Pier that resembles a giant, abandoned warehouse that someone threw a runway in the middle of.

But what we don’t get is why celebrities – those who are given the star treatment, the best seats, and all the swag they could ask for — always look so miserable while models parade by them like they were the royal court back in medieval times. Cheer up, people! Or at least, try to look a little less put-out. More »

Gallery: Behind The Scenes At Charlotte Ronson And Whitney Port’s Fashion Week Parties

Gallery: Behind The Scenes At Charlotte Ronson And Whitney Port's Fashion Week Parties

It’s Fashion Week here in New York, and that means shows all day, parties all night, and hangovers all morning. Crushable’s Drew and I donned our hippest attire (i.e., not jeggings) and headed out to a few events.

First up was the after-party for Charlotte Ronson, whose show was full of patterns and pretty, wearable dresses. The event had an open bar sponsored by O.N.E. Coconut Water (fashion and potassium, together at last), and we took full advantage of the free drinks.

We walked up the steps on the heels of Mark Ronson who was sporting a shock of platinum hair. Drew and I quickly spotted Josh Groban, Rashida Jones and Shenae Grimes amidst a mix of high-heeled and suited-up pretty young things. After grabbing drinks, we arbitrarily parked ourselves nearby to take in the scene. I looked over and realized we were at the table of Charlotte herself, who was holding court next to brother Mark and sister Samantha Ronson. People kept stumbling by to greet the designer and steal ice from the bucket on her table. Drew and I grounded our heels and held onto our prime real estate. We decided to throw haughty looks at anyone who walked our way, and it worked — everyone assumed we were supposed to be at the table. Party infiltration success! More »

Gallery: Celebs Get Their Fashion Week On

Gallery: Celebs Get Their Fashion Week On

Just when you think New York couldn’t possibly get more crowded and stressful, Fashion Week comes along and takes the entire town by storm. Raining models! Haling spike heels! We’ve been out and about all weekend checking in on parties and shows, and have run into a celeb or two. Take a look at our gallery of fashionistas like Michelle Trachtenberg and Rashida Jones hanging out at Fashion Week events. More »

Fame Wore: Trace Cyrus Has Mad Game

Fame Wore: Trace Cyrus Has Mad Game

We know what you’re thinking: What is Brenda Song, rising star of The Social Network, doing with squinty Trace Cyrus? Dude has skillz with the ladiez — as evidenced by his past relationship with Demi Lovato — and he can get girls by squinting, doing his hair like Adam Lambert and taking a swig out of an A&W Root Beer bottle. Hot! More »

Crushable Party Report: NYLON’s Young Hollywood bash brings ‘The Hills,’ Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron

Crushable Party Report: NYLON's Young Hollywood bash brings 'The Hills,' Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron

It was ALL about the P.Y.T (Pretty Young Things) at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel last night: Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens held court — and Vanessa’s piled-up hair hurt! Whitney Port made out ferociously with boyfriend Ben Nemtin in the DJ booth! Twilight’s Charlie Bewley dished on Breaking Dawn! And Brody Jenner texted — a lot. Check it. More »