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Infamous With Taryn Southern: Infamous Celebrity Farters

Infamous With Taryn Southern: Infamous Celebrity Farters

Seeing as how my new series for Crushable focuses on celebrities, and thus, celebrity farting habits, I was forced to do some research. Unfortunately, very few A-listers speak about “breaking wind,” unless of course, they are comedians. It was time to get creative and put that college degree to good use. Based on my knowledge of celebrity behavior, and my own personal history of gastrointestinal issues, which celebs do I hypothesize to pass the most powerful/unique gas? More »

The Highs and Lows of Shane Dawson’s YouTube Career

The Highs and Lows of Shane Dawson's YouTube Career

Shane Dawson is a man of a thousand faces, and thanks to YouTube, millions of people get to spend time with his original characters. With each of his weekly videos raking in three to five million views, Dawson’s main video channel has become YouTube’s third most subscribed of all time. But it hasn’t been all roses; skyrocketing to fame when YouTube was still an unsteady medium, Dawson has had his share of controversy alongside the record-breakers. Here, we track the highs and lows (with video evidence!) of his career, three years old and going strong. More »