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I Would Rather My Kids F Like (Responsible) Bunnies Than Have A ‘Chaste Courtship’ Like The Duggars

I Would Rather My Kids F Like (Responsible) Bunnies Than Have A âChaste Courtshipâ Like The Duggars

Let’s get this out of the way first, I do not want my kids telling me they are having sex. OK, I take that back. I want to know if they are sexually active, I want to have all the important talks with them about responsibility and consent and staying healthy and birth control and how to handle their own sexual lives as responsible, decent, kind humans. But other than that, I do not wanna know. Their sex lives are not my business. As long as they are being responsible and consensual and healthy. And more than that I would never tell them I want them to enter into a chaste courtship, just like I wouldn’t tell them they should go bone a mess of people before marriage. But I’d be lying if I said that the whole idea of a chaste courtship really creeps me out. I would (secretly) prefer that they have a whole lot of (healthy, safe, happy, consensual) sex before marriage. If they even decide to get married. More »

10 Condom Commercials That Will Make You Cringe

10 Condom Commercials That Will Make You Cringe

condom commercialTrying to sell condoms is a tough business. They’re a sex-item, but also a safety tool. They need to seem sexy, but can’t be too sexy. Contraceptive advertisements have to walk the line between erotic and protective while trying to sell something that no one really wants to use. I know that’s not the best thing to say, but it’s true. Don’t get me wrong– people should be practicing safe sex and wearing condoms, but they don’t really want to except to protect from unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. More »

Russell Brand Wants A ‘Sexually Adventurous’ Wife, And I’m Scared To Know What That Means

Russell Brand Wants A 'Sexually Adventurous' Wife, And I'm Scared To Know What That Means

When normal people say the words ‘sexually adventurous’, I picture like, maybe a set of fuzzy handcuffs that they picked up at some novelty shop one time and break out for anniversaries. But when Russell Brand says the same words, as in, he wants a wife who is ‘sexually adventurous’, it sends a stark bolt of fear down my spine, and jolts my vagine straight into the fetal position, tiny vagine arms over its vagine head. (We all have tiny T-Rex arms on our lady parts, right? I didn’t just embarrass myself in front of all my friends? Good.) More »

Kanye West Teaches Kim Kardashian To Appreciate Privacy All Over The Cover Of L’Officiel Hommes

Kanye West Teaches Kim Kardashian To Appreciate Privacy All Over The Cover Of L'Officiel Hommes

Dating Kanye West has been great for Kim Kardashian. In addition to helping her dress better and getting her into cool fashion events, Kanye West has taught Kim Kardashian the value of privacy and boundaries. For evidence, I present to you this photo of Kim and Kanye enjoying a private moment together in the intimate confines of the cover of a major fashion magazine. More »