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Sex On The Wire: Keep Your Summer Romance Going Strong Through Fall

Sex On The Wire: Keep Your Summer Romance Going Strong Through Fall
  • The way you rank the opposite sex will vary with your mood. (College Candy)
  • Summer may be coming to an end, but you can still carry your hot romance into the fall. (Betty Confidential)
  • This Real Housewives Of Atlanta star now has her own sex toy line. (The Frisky)
  • So he didn’t call? This might be why. (College Candy)
  • Adding in a bit of foreplay can make a huge difference. (YourTango)
  • Beyoncé looking stunning in this gold ensemble. (Celebuzz)

Sex On the Wire: Spencer’s Sex Scandal

Sex On the Wire: Spencer's Sex Scandal

• All of those sex-related items from a Spencer’s in Rapid City have been seized by the police. Apparently some judge thinks that the store needs to be registered as a sex shop before it can get it’s novelty penis candles back. (Rapid City Journal)

• A bunch of shirtless dudes lip-sync to Kylie Minogue‘s “Get Out of My Way” . Now that’s how you make a music video. (Buzzfeed)

• Imagine finding these handwritten notes in your next issue of Cosmo, courtesy of creepy, horny bookkeeper. (The Frisky)

Carrie Prejean (aka the homophobic sex video star and former Miss California) is expecting her first kid with NFL hubbie Kyle Boller. Awesome. Can you call child protective services while the kid is in utero? (RadarOnline)

• Here are some of the best lies to get out of a bad date. How about “I don’t like you?” Usually works for me. (Betty Confidential) More »

Crushable Quotable: Krystal Ball Talks Sex Toy Pic

Crushable Quotable: Krystal Ball Talks Sex Toy Pic

Congressional candidate Krsytal Ball‘s name is suddenly on everyone’s lips, but not for the reason the Virginia politican ever would have hoped for: After her opponent Rob Whittman released photos last week of Krystal and her ex-husband goofing around at a holiday party, the pics went viral the second people realized that her husband’s Rudolph nose was actually a sex toy. Was it sexist? An unethical privacy violation? Was it even that big of a deal?

Well, Krystal was given her soapbox Monday on the Huffington Post, and in her column about the fallout from the pics, she made one thing clear: looking at those photos made her think of one person. Hillary Clinton. More »

Creepy Ex Replicates Former Girlfriend In Plastic

Creepy Ex Replicates Former Girlfriend In Plastic

You know what really made us appreciate all those ex-boyfriends who dumped us and never called again? This story about an Italian man who replicated his ex-girlfriend in plastic, down to the nails and teeth. The only difference between the two — besides the fact that one is a living breathing human being (who hopefully has started looking into a restraining order) and the other is a doll? The “adult toy” has bigger boobs and a larger butt, Lemondrop reports. Somehow, that doesn’t make it any better. More »