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The Best And Worst Of Dexter: ‘Surprise Motherfucker,’ Indeed

The Best And Worst Of Dexter: 'Surprise Motherfucker,' Indeed

As Deb Morgan might say, holy fucking shitballs. I had to watch about 100 comical spider videos just to fall asleep last night after watching Dexter‘s insane season finale. (Spiders are the new cats.) While last season’s ciff hanger was nice and annoying, they didn’t really do that to us this season, for which I think I am grateful. On the other hand…holy shit. I feel bad even continuing to use this point system because it was such a good episode. But I will try. More »

Get Caught Up on ’30 Rock’ Before Tonight’s Season 5 Finale

Get Caught Up on '30 Rock' Before Tonight's Season 5 Finale

One of 30 Rock’s best features is the fact that you can jump in at any time (even tonight’s season five finale and 103rd episode) and get what’s going on. Within five minutes you get that Jack is conservative, Jenna is crazy, and Liz is the kind of woman who likes her tampons cold. But some backstory can make any show more interesting . So, in case you’ve somehow gone an entire season without hearing the dulcet tones of Kenneth’s drawl, here are five key season five plot points. More »

Mad Men Unwind: Why Can’t We All Be Happy For Don?

Mad Men Unwind: Why Can't We All Be Happy For Don?

Last night’s finale of Mad Men threw everyone for a loop. Where we thought there was going to be at least one double-murder/suicide (our bets were on Betty up until the last 5 seconds of the episode, or maybe a Sally/Glen thing, but definitely Roger Sterling if no one else was going to do it), we ended up with what amounts to, at least on Matthew Weiner‘s period drama, a “happy ending.” So why was everyone so pissed? More »