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Sex On the Wire: Sexual Rehabilitation

Sex On the Wire: Sexual Rehabilitation

• Paging Russell Brand: Sex addiction rehabilitation centers are on the rise ever since stars like Tiger Woods and Jesse James have used the term as an excuse for why they screwed around so much. (LA Times)

•…which in turn leads to regular girls questioning whether or not they have an “addiction.” (CollegeCandy

• Because texting your kid to stop having sex upstairs is now considered good parental guidance, why not use that passive-aggressive form of communication to break up with someone? (The Gloss)

• Another week, another horrific way to overshare your dating life: CanDoBetter is like HotorNot, except the strangers are judging your date, not you. Is that better or worse? (Lemondrop)

• Finally, a cheerleading group for science nerds! Now if only we could get a couple half-naked guys doing a routine to cheer on us bloggers… (Buzzfeed)

• Can you remain friends with benefits forever? (CollegeCrush)

• Speaking of too close: Cory Monteith farts in front of Lea Michele on the set of Glee, so you know they are BFFs. (Teen Vogue) More »

Video: A Song About Amazing Facts

Video: A Song About Amazing Facts

“Your brain sees your nose at all times but chooses to ignore it.”

“Eeyore and Optimus Prime were the same guy.”

“Each ejaculation has more sperm than there are people in the United States.”

Those are some of the totally insane fact that make up the lyrics for Jonathan Mann‘s super cute song. Apparently Jonathan gathered all the facts from a Reddit thread. The Internet approves. More »

Scientists find antidote to glasses – London scientists have found the gene that causes short-sidedness, and are developing eye drop treatments that may cure blurry vision. Boys, get ready to make passes. (via BBC)

The Best Video: Debating the Scientific Merit of ‘Beer Goggles’

The Best Video: Debating the Scientific Merit of 'Beer Goggles'

This may be the best “news” segment I’ve ever seen: MSNBC’s Dylan Ratigan took a very attractive British scientist, had him explain a this study that proves that the drunker you get, the more attractive you find people. I mean, we all knew this was true, but now it’s SCIENCE true!

Thank god there’s is someone else on-board: A young woman who introduces herself with “Is this news to anybody?” and ends with “Ive done my own study, it’s called waking up the next day.” Hi, new best friend! More »