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I’m So Excited! Snooki’s New Zantrex3 Ad Is A Flashback To Jessie Spano’s Diet Pill Freakout

Iâm So Excited! Snookiâs New Zantrex3 Ad Is A Flashback To Jessie Spanoâs Diet Pill Freakout

Snooki‘s new Zantrex3 diet pill ad features her and several other women dancing around to the song “I’m So Excited”…just like when Jessie Spano had that caffeine pill freakout on Saved By The Bell. This is the best coincidence ever.

In Saved By The Bell, Jessie gets addicted to over-the-counter caffeine pills in an effort to keep up with her crazy curriculum and social demands. And they make her totally awesome…until she freaks out and Zach has to come to her rescue. (Thankfully, she wasn’t using the pills to lose weight, but we wouldn’t be surprised if she did; caffeine pills and diet pills are basically the same thing…How do you think Zantrex3 gives Snooki so much energy?!) More »

How to Keep the ‘Glee’ Kids on TV After they Graduate from McKinley High

How to Keep the 'Glee' Kids on TV After they Graduate from McKinley High

Glee creator Ryan Murphy has said that Rachel, Finn and the rest of the gang will be graduating at the end of season three because “you can’t stay in high school forever.” Ha! It’s like he’s never watched TV. Maybe Mr. Murphy can learn a thing or two from the writers of these high school dramas. Because they sat down in a meeting, looked at each other and thought, what would Boy Meets World be without Shaun and Corey?, Buffy without Xander and Willow?. The answer: hollow, empty, shells of TV shows. And if Glee were to become a hollow shell, there’d be a damn echo to deal with as well. More »

Chicago Area Man Just Really Doesn’t Like A.C. Slater, OK?

Chicago Area Man Just Really Doesn't Like A.C. Slater, OK?

Could this story BE ANY BETTER? Police were called to a bar called MULLETS outside of Chicago because he “an angry customer who allegedly shattered a framed photo of A.C. Slater, a fictional, mullet-wearing jock played by Mario Lopez in the 1990s television series Saved by the Bell.”

Asked why he resorted to violence with this inanimate object, the man replied “I just don’t like Slater.” More »

Gallery: The Hot Guys From Retro TV Shows

Gallery: The Hot Guys From Retro TV Shows

We had so much fun (and controversy!) with last week’s “Hot Guys of Hard Sci-Fi and Fantasy” list that we decided to go in for round two. This time, the theme is “guys on TV you crushed on in middle school,” and our entries ranged from the obvious (Zack Morris and A.C. Slater no d’uh) to the bizarre (Ben Vareen on Zoobilee Zoo, which almost counts as a pre-furry obsession). Take a look, and if you really feel strongly about someone we didn’t include, tell us in the comments! More »

Best Thanksgiving Episodes On TV

 Best Thanksgiving Episodes On TV

Ever since I was little, I’ve been confused by television holidays. I used to think Hollywood wasn’t on a five-hour time difference, but one that was five days off from my own. Why else would Halloween episodes pop up in mid-October, Thanksgiving and Christmas come one week apart, and reruns shown during actual holidays?

Of course, now I know better: even famous people have families, and are given breaks during the season. And even when Thanksgiving episodes of my favorite shows were shown November 19th, that didn’t decrease my love for Zach Morris or the holiday. Here are some of my favorite Thanksgiving-themed episodes to be savored post-feasting. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! More »