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5 Better Premises for Sarah Silverman’s New NBC Sitcom

5 Better Premises for Sarah Silvermanâs New NBC Sitcom

Hey, Sarah Silverman got her pilot picked-up! That’s exciting news to me, a huge Sarah Silverman Program fan, although the premise sounds pretty conventional: she’ll star as a woman who’s newly single after having spent most of her adult life in a relationship. Boo-ring! (Imagine my voice dropping two octaves while saying that. Actually, first imagine my voice, then lower it two octaves. Great, now we’re both in prison.) Because I care, here are five suggested premises for Sarah’s new show: More »

Celebrities Poke Fun at Charlie Sheen on Twitter

Celebrities Poke Fun at Charlie Sheen on Twitter

In a rare moment of bravery, celebrities have chosen to put the PR bullshit aside and concentrate on what really matters: a good Charlie Sheen joke. Us Magazine reports that various celebrities have taken to Twitter, posting their best Charlie Sheen one-liners, ranging from his personal problems to Two and a Half Men being pulled from the air indefinitely. Here are some of our favorites More »