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5 Better Premises for Sarah Silverman’s New NBC Sitcom

5 Better Premises for Sarah Silvermanâs New NBC Sitcom

Hey, Sarah Silverman got her pilot picked-up! That’s exciting news to me, a huge Sarah Silverman Program fan, although the premise sounds pretty conventional: she’ll star as a woman who’s newly single after having spent most of her adult life in a relationship. Boo-ring! (Imagine my voice dropping two octaves while saying that. Actually, first imagine my voice, then lower it two octaves. Great, now we’re both in prison.) Because I care, here are five suggested premises for Sarah’s new show: More »

Celebrities Poke Fun at Charlie Sheen on Twitter

Celebrities Poke Fun at Charlie Sheen on Twitter

In a rare moment of bravery, celebrities have chosen to put the PR bullshit aside and concentrate on what really matters: a good Charlie Sheen joke. Us Magazine reports that various celebrities have taken to Twitter, posting their best Charlie Sheen one-liners, ranging from his personal problems to Two and a Half Men being pulled from the air indefinitely. Here are some of our favorites More »

Hey SXSW: Women Are Funny Too! Here Are 8 Examples

Hey SXSW: Women Are Funny Too! Here Are 8 Examples

The South by Southwest festival released its list of comedy performers today, and guess what? Of 31 featured comics, only a single name belongs to a woman. The sole XX-chromosome having person is the (very funny) stand up Tig Notaro who’ll perform in one of the festival’s pair of showcases.

SXSW is known for being a beacon of alternative comedy (red light flashing ‘Get off the stage already,’ but, you know, funnily) and has certainly featured a number of women in the past, so what’s the deal? My request for a comment from the SXSW folks was met with the unsettling silence of a beep-less inbox, so I’ve decided to use this news as an excuse to post videos of eight female stand-ups I really like. Now I’m having my very own comedy festival, plus there’s cake in the office today. So take that, SXSW! More »

Crushable Quotable: Sarah Silverman’s Misshapen Thighs

Crushable Quotable: Sarah Silverman's Misshapen Thighs

It sounds like comedienne Sarah Silverman is a bit nervous about her first nude scene. She’s stripping down for Sarah Polley‘s upcoming film Take This Waltz, and tells New York Magazine:

“The movie, I think, is gonna be great because Sarah Polley is incredible. But my body? In all honesty, I would say it’s a lot closer to Kathy Bates in ‘About Schmidt’ than, like, Julianne Moore in ‘Short Cuts.’ I am begging you to lower your expectations! … I’ll tell you what you can expect: a Cream of Wheat–ish texture on the upper thighs, from knee to belly button, I would say in all honesty. And a misshapen upper thigh that actually is not misshapen because there’s probably more like it than not, but it doesn’t look good in jeans.”

We’re usually not fans of hot Hollywood women pretending that they’re heinous and body snarking themselves, but we appreciated why Sarah says she decided to strip down on film. More »