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The Glee Portrayal Of The Magazine Industry In Last Night’s Episode Was The Worst

The Glee Portrayal Of The Magazine Industry In Last Night's Episode Was The Worst

Okay, Glee. I’m a little insulted by last night’s episode. As someone who just spent four years studying magazines in college and doing internship after internship and who moved to New York City right after graduation to find a magazine job and STILL hasn’t found one, I’m super annoyed at your portrayal of Kurt and his internship at More »

Sarah Jessica Parker’s House Doesn’t Meet The Anna Wintour Standard

Sarah Jessica Parkerâs House Doesnât Meet The Anna Wintour Standard

Last night, Sarah Jessica Parker hosted a swanky fundraiser for President Obama in her West Village townhouse. Anna Wintour co-hosted, and attendees paid $40,000 a person to attend with fellow party-goers including Meryl Streep and Michael Kors. It was a big night, but surely Parker, if anyone, should have been prepared: She’s a New York City fashion icon who has been on the cover of Vogue and played a Vogue contributor on TV! But alas, according to today’s New York Post, her home decorating style didn’t exactly measure up to Vogue’s expectations. More »