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Katy Perry Was Suicidal After Russell Brand, And I Wish I Knew How To Feel About Him

Katy Perry Was Suicidal After Russell Brand, And I Wish I Knew How To Feel About Him

I wish I knew how to feel about Russell Brand in the larger sense. Obviously athe way he ended his marriage to Katy Perry is the worst, but I treally like his social commentary and his style of delivery, so I don’t know WHAT to think. Maybe I just need to be filled in on every single solitary detail of that relationship so I can decide for myself.
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Russell Brand Wants A ‘Sexually Adventurous’ Wife, And I’m Scared To Know What That Means

Russell Brand Wants A 'Sexually Adventurous' Wife, And I'm Scared To Know What That Means

When normal people say the words ‘sexually adventurous’, I picture like, maybe a set of fuzzy handcuffs that they picked up at some novelty shop one time and break out for anniversaries. But when Russell Brand says the same words, as in, he wants a wife who is ‘sexually adventurous’, it sends a stark bolt of fear down my spine, and jolts my vagine straight into the fetal position, tiny vagine arms over its vagine head. (We all have tiny T-Rex arms on our lady parts, right? I didn’t just embarrass myself in front of all my friends? Good.) More »

Katy Perry Says She’s Still ‘Madly In Love’ With John Mayer And I Am All Ears

Katy Perry Says She's Still 'Madly In Love' With John Mayer And I Am All Ears

I gotta give a shoutout to John Mayer for doing an excellent job tickling all my gossip bones today. First he put a song that’s almost definitely about Taylor Swift on his new album, for which I’m eternally grateful, and now Katy Perry is spilling the dirt on their relationship, too? It feels like my birthday and Christmas and Arbor Day all rolled into one! More »

Apparently Katy Perry’s Dad Preaches Against His ‘Devil Child’ In Sermons, How Nice

Apparently Katy Perry's Dad Preaches Against His 'Devil Child' In Sermons, How Nice

I would say that there a majority of people have been mortified by their dads, and whether it’s regularly or a one-time thing I think most of us can relate to being embarrassed by the men who helped give us life.  Keith Hudson, better known as Katy Perry‘s preacher man dad, kind of took this to a whole new level recently by renouncing his “devil child” and her “I Kissed A Girl” ways as well as her thousands of fans because THAT IS THE DEVIL’S WORK. More »