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Katy Perry, Russell Brand Divorce Can’t Be All Her Fault

Katy Perry, Russell Brand Divorce Canât Be All Her Fault

So apparently the reason for Russell Brand and Katy Perry’s divorce is that she’s a drunken prudish party girl careerist who won’t just stay home, have Brand’s kids and watch cripple porn. Confused about how any of those things go together? Me too. But the reasons being propagated by various media for the divorce range from Perry being unable to satisfy Brand sexually to her refusal to stop ‘partying’ to the fact that she won’t just ‘settle down,’ stop touring and having children with Brand. Despite the sort of contradictory nature of all these accounts, the bottom line is clear—it’s all her fault—and so is the message: Even in 2012, a married woman’s goals, pleasure and career should take second place to her husband’s. More »

Russell Brand Keeps Going Out Without His Wedding Ring

Russell Brand Keeps Going Out Without His Wedding Ring

There are so many reasons comedian and Katy Perry’s husband Russel Brand could be walking the streets of London without his wedding band. His fingers are swollen. He knocked the ring behind his dresser and doesn’t feel like sticking his hand back there. He saw that Adam Sandler movie where he uses a fake wedding ring to pick up woman, and decided masquerading as a single guy was the best way to fend off advances. More »

Sex on the Wire: Don’t Tell A One-Night-Stand He F*$ks Like His Brother

Sex on the Wire: Don't Tell A One-Night-Stand He F*$ks Like His Brother

Here’s a list of things your one-night-stand doesn’t want to hear the next morning. “My parents are on their way over” is chief among them. (The Gloss)

Do you believe that Beyonce has only had sex with one person- presumably her husband, Jay-Z, in her entire 29 years of life? (YourTango)

Bethenny Frankel‘s relationship advice for women: don’t nit-pick. (Hollywood News) More »