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Let’s Discuss: The Classic Period Scenes from TV and Film

Letâs Discuss: The Classic Period Scenes from TV and Film

Periods. The monthly female affliction that must not be named. For all the sex and scandal you see on TV and in the movies, you rarely see women talk about their period, their flow, their tampons or even worse their lack of tampons on a heavy flow day. It’s like they live in a world where you can wear white pants any day of the month.

That’s why we appreciate when TV shows and movies make the effort to throw in a period scene. We’re not looking for a two hour documentary on the menstrual cycle, just a little honest conversation.  So in effort to get the conversation moving, we put together our favorite classic period scenes from TV and film. More »

The Best Quotes from Roseanne’s Essay In New York Magazine

The Best Quotes from Roseanne's Essay In New York Magazine

I really fucking love Roseanne. She’s a ball-busting woman who wasn’t afraid to take on the boys’ club of comedy, she doesn’t give a shit whether people think she’s pretty, and her sitcom Roseanne was one of the only shows unafraid to portray American life honestly instead of aspirationally. (Shocking fact: there are people in America who aren’t glamorous and skinny and live in New York or Los Angeles.) Reporters kept calling her and asking her to comment on the Charlie Sheen/Two and a Half Men situation, and instead of giving them quotes she wrote this kickass essay about her experiences working on a feminist show and how hard it is for women to get ahead in an industry that values dumb, misogynist shows. I want to get drunk with this woman right now. More »