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Crush Links: Hey Eric Johnson, We’d Like a $15K Birkin Bag for Our Birthday, Too

Crush Links: Hey Eric Johnson, We'd Like a $15K Birkin Bag for Our Birthday, Too

• Remember when Logan bought Rory a Birkin bag on Gilmore Girls? Well, Eric Johnson made fiance Jessica Simpson‘s birthday by gifting her one as well. (The Frisky)

• Lainey gets to spend three days with Matthew Lewis, a.k.a. surprise hottie Neville Longbottom. We are so jealous. (Lainey Gossip)

• From Megan Fox‘s Botox denial to Selena Gomez wearing Justin Bieber‘s shirt, a look at why we love stupid celebrity news. (College Candy)

Rose McGowan says she’s “a gay man in a woman’s body.” I bet Chaz Bono has some choice words for you, missy. (YourTango)

Twilight werewolf Booboo Stewart laughs at Robert Pattinson — but with a name like Booboo, he really has no right. (Celebuzz)

Video Gallery: Gory Celebrity Deaths of the ‘Scream’ Movies

Video Gallery: Gory Celebrity Deaths of the 'Scream' Movies

Although it’s fantastic that the original cast of ScreamNeve Campbell, Courteney Cox, David Arquette — is returning for Scream 4, we’re also excited to see which celebrity cameos will be in Wes Craven‘s new film. The preceding films have packed an astonishing number of celebrities in big and small roles, and due to the crucial rules of staying alive, a lot of them have met their ends in gloriously bloody deaths. Ready for a trip — with major spoilers — down memory lane? More »

Crush Links: Queen Elizabeth’s Bloomers? Eep.

Crush Links: Queen Elizabeth's Bloomers? Eep.

Forget about Kate Middleton gossip. Let’s talk about Queen Elizabeth II. And her undies. A man in Florida owns a pair of her bloomers (that he found in the 60s) and now that he’s dead, they will be auctioned off. That’s not creepy at all. (TMZ)

Those undies are pretty big. But not as big as these ones. (Buzzfeed)

Justin Bieber cares! After a contestant on German variety show Wetten Das got injured, The Biebs canceled his appearance and tweeted good wishes. (celebuzz)

Mad Men star Christina Hendricks is getting a banana for Christmas. Sorry dudes, this is not sexual. (People)

My eyes! Kathy Griffin in a bikini! Oh wait. She looks pretty good. My brain! (Us)

The miracles of science! Nicole Kidman seems to have unfrozen her face somehow. (popbytes)

Speaking of frozen faces, Rose McGowan‘s is looking pretty troubled these days. (TMZ More »

Gallery: Celebs That Sport Tim Burton Style

Gallery: Celebs That Sport Tim Burton Style

When we saw that photo of Sean Penn looking not-his-best this morning, the nicest thing we could think to say was “That’s the closest he’ll ever get to looking like Johnny Depp…in Edward Scissorhands.” But tons of style icons take fashion tips from Tim Burton‘s films, with zany hair, black and white striped or checkered print, and steampunk Victorian styles. Here are a couple of our favorites. More »