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The Kardashian Girls Are Suing Their Stepmom…And I Can’t Say I Blame Them

The Kardashian Girls Are Suing Their Stepmom...And I Can't Say I Blame Them

This isn’t something I say every day, so don’t blink while I’m saying it…because if you miss it, I can’t say when you’ll next get the chance to hear me say it again: I agree with the Kardashian family. Or one branch of them, anyway. No, shhh! I’ll explain. Just don’t interrupt me while I’m telling you why, because I might give up and go back to my normal snarky opinions. More »

Explain To Me Why Kylie Jenner’s Joke About Khloe’s ‘Real’ Dad Was Funny

Explain To Me Why Kylie Jenner's Joke About Khloe's 'Real' Dad Was Funny

Yesterday afternoon Kylie Jenner tweeted out a photo of her sister Khole Kardashian with her “real” father. The photo featured Khloe Kardashian posing with Kris Jenner’s hairdresser Alex Roldan. After the Internet had a minor heart attack, Kylie followed up with the fact that the tweet was just a joke. But is a joke about an ongoing and probably very sensitive family rumor that is very possibly true really that funny? More »