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Robert Pattinson’s New Lady Now Has A Name In Addition To Hair

Robert Pattinson's New Lady Now Has A Name In Addition To Hair

Remember yesterday when I told you that Robert Pattinson was spotted with a Kristen Stewart lookalike? I may have used Hollywood’s new favorite term ‘mystery woman’, and I may have said that she was an exact genetic replica of K-Stew because they both have hair and mouths, but who can say? It was a whole twenty-four hours ago. But no matter what kind of nonsense I was spewing, we now have a name to put to that head of K-Stew hair and that mouth of K-Stew teeth, and surprisingly enough, it happens to be a kind of a famous name: Riley Keough. More »

Of Course It’s Olivia Munn Who’s Infiltrated the Boys’ Club of Stripper Movie Magic Mike

Of Course It's Olivia Munn Who's Infiltrated the Boys' Club of Stripper Movie Magic Mike

It had to end someday: We’ve started to hear reports of which actresses are joining Steven Soderbergh‘s sausage fest stripper movie Magic Mike. Should we really be surprised that one of the movie’s first actresses is Olivia Munn? This is the woman who’s gotten her breaks by presenting herself as the woman keeping up with the guys in predominantly male programs like Attack of the Show! and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. More »