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Does Judd Apatow Think Allison Williams Is A Terrible Singer?

Does Judd Apatow Think Allison Williams Is A Terrible Singer?

Last year when Allison Williams was doing the talk show circuit to promote Girls, she made a point of letting everyone know that producer Judd Apatow decided to hire her after seeing her sing a version of the Mad Men theme song on YouTube. But it wasn’t until last night, well into Season 2, that we saw her actually sing. And she was notably terrible. Is this Judd Apatow’s version of a long con? More »

Gallery: Celebs In Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Gallery: Celebs In Ugly Christmas Sweaters

There’s just something about those ugly Christmas sweaters — when Uncle John wears them it’s a cringe-worthy display of misplaced holiday cheer, but when celebs do it it’s totally hilarious. The cast of Glee made a splash with an Xmas-sweater-themed greeting card earlier this year, and folks like John Mayer and Snoop Dogg have been keeping themselves warm and festive ever since. We might have to pull out our Rudolph cardigan after all.
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Anonymous Celebrity: CollegeHumor’s Streeter Seidell

Anonymous Celebrity: CollegeHumor's Streeter Seidell

Okay, we cheated: CollegeHumor’s Streeter Seidell isn’t that anonymous. After all, he’s just about to start the 3rd season of the MTV show Pranked with his friend and coworker Amir Blumenfeld, based on their Prank Wars series that began on Vimeo. Then there’s the fact that for a lot of college kids out there, Streeter and the rest of the Hardly Working actors on Ricky Van Veen‘s site are more recognizable than SNL actors. (Seriously, try to get a college freshman to name-check Jason Sudeikis…it’s impossible.)

But Streeter, who joined up with in 2005 after a late night session reading the site while enrolled in Fordham, still has problems with name-recognition. “People ask about fifty percent of the time if it’s my real name,” the actor/writer/comedian told us during a recent phone call, “When making reservations or ordering food, I’ve just started calling myself Steve. Now Steve is developing his own personality.” More »

Foursquare Co-Founder Attempts to ‘Ice’ Buzz Aldrin – Last night’s Webby’s after-party at Hiro included Foursquare’s Naveen Selvadurai explaining how onegets iced” to astronaut Buzz Aldrin. Buzz doesn’t drink so he gets a free pass…we’re still waiting to hear Ricky Van Veen‘s excuse. (via Random Night Out)

‘Married By 30′ Latest Sophomoric Concept To Come From CollegeHumor Founder

'Married By 30' Latest Sophomoric Concept To Come From CollegeHumor Founder

Hey ladiiiiiez, you know how it is when you are just a normal 20-something, living your SATC/Gossip Girl lifestyle in New York City when suddenly that crazy urge strikes you. You know which one. The one that says, “I need to settle down, get serious, and star on a reality show about women desperate to get married before the age of 30!” We all have those feelings, they are a natural part of aging, and CollegeHumor co-founder Ricky Van Veen would like to help you out. More »