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Readers Respond: ‘Glee’ Christmas Photo Creepier Than GQ Spread

Readers Respond: 'Glee' Christmas Photo Creepier Than GQ Spread

Last week we had to gargle our eyeballs with Listerine after seeing Matthew Morrison and the cast of Glee posed for a holiday photo in what has to be the world’s gnarliest sweaters. There was something so creepy, so off-putting about that image that we found it 100 times more offensive than that supposedly raunchy GQ shoot that lead to so much controversy over the appropriate skirt levels of Lea Michele and Dianna Agron. But we put it to a vote, and you guys responded overwhelmingly: More »

Readers Respond: ‘Harry Potter’ Better Than ‘Twilight’

Readers Respond: 'Harry Potter' Better Than 'Twilight'

Well, I can’t say that I saw this coming: Last week when we asked readers to weigh in on the ultimate, decision-set-in-stone debate of the Twilight Saga versus the Harry Potter series, we were expecting to get a spirited number of responses from both Team Harry and Team Edward. But according to our poll, you guys prefer your wizarding to your vampires by a wide, wide margin. More »