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Crush Links: Hayden, Hayden, Hayden!

Crush Links: Hayden, Hayden, Hayden!

Hayden Christensen loves Jimi Hendrix. Who and who? (Just Jared)

Hayden Panettiere turned 21 at least 3 times this weekend, according to our sources. She was overheard at Polar lounge at Marcel at Gramercy saying she was ready to party in her hometown…

• …but somehow also managed to do a weird Willy Wonka-themed b-day in Michigan? Save the cheerleader, save the birthdays? (SFGate)

Lindsay Lohan wants to play the titular role in The Bride of Frankenstein. No comment. (TMZ)

Snooki‘s new boyfriend is the real deal…for a Martin Scorsese character. Jeff Miranda has a restraining order out for putting a gun to his ex’s head. (Radar)

• An overturned truck revealed Glee‘s Lea Michele as October’s Glamour cover girl…(CoverAwards)

• …but she’s also front and center of this month’s Hollywood Reporter. Guess we know where the magazines are placing their Emmy bets. (Hollywood Reporter)

Drake was just messing around when he said he was marrying Nicki Minaj. Ha…ha? (E! Online)
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