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Exclusive Clip: Billy Burke on the Set of ‘Red Riding Hood’

Exclusive Clip: Billy Burke on the Set of 'Red Riding Hood'

To celebrate the release of the Red Riding Hood DVD (it came out yesterday), we’ve got an exclusive clip from behind the scenes of Catherine Hardwicke‘s darker, sexier take on the classic fairy tale. The video itself is more on the funny side, featuring the cast blocking out the big party scene partway through the movie. Billy Burke — he plays Amanda Seyfried‘s hardworking father Cesaire, and is also Bella’s dad in Twilight — jokingly chugs from a soda bottle to imitate Cesaire’s drunken state as he stumbles through the snowy set.

Also, read on to find out how you can cast your vote in the Peter/Valerie/Henry love triangle. More »

10 Riffs on Fairy Tales That Are Cooler Than ‘Red Riding Hood’

10 Riffs on Fairy Tales That Are Cooler Than 'Red Riding Hood'

Retellings of fairy tales are all the rage these days, and there’s a good reason for that. Fairy tales hit something primal inside us, so they’re always relevant, and Disney aside, they’re always just a tiny bit scary. There have been loads of retellings of fairy tales around before Beastly and Red Riding Hood hit the scene, though. Here are some of our favorites. Get ready to take your once upon a time and send it to some really interesting places… More »

Interview: ‘Red Riding Hood’ Director Catherine Hardwicke on the Movie’s Alternate Ending

Interview: 'Red Riding Hood' Director Catherine Hardwicke on the Movie's Alternate Ending

Red Riding Hood will be released on DVD on June 14, so we chatted with director Catherine Hardwicke about adapting this famous fairy tale in a way that amps up the sexiness and paranoia of the original story. Our conversation on how screenwriter David Johnson decided who would be the “big bad wolf” was especially relevant in light of the alternate ending included in this DVD, which explores another choice that Valerie (Amanda Seyfried) could have made. But since we get into the nitty-gritty, be warned that there are definitely spoilers. More »

Max Irons… Revealed!

Max Irons... Revealed!

If we had to pick only one reason to see Red Riding Hood it would have to be all those adorable boys who share screentime with Amanda Seyfried. One of the handsome devils is 25-year-old Max Irons, son of Jeremy Irons. Here are five things you need to know about this beautiful Brit: More »

‘Beastly’ and ‘Red Riding Hood’ Walk the Line Between Sticking to Original Fairy Tale and Providing New Take

'Beastly' and 'Red Riding Hood' Walk the Line Between Sticking to Original Fairy Tale and Providing New Take

“To adapt or not to adapt?” This question is less relevant now that many of Hollywood’s latest film offerings seem to build in some way on stories we already know. Now the dilemma for writers is, do they stick to the recognizable details, or strike out in an entirely new direction?

Two new releases have retooled beloved fairy tales for the teen set: Beastly, which came out last week, and Red Riding Hood, which hit theaters today. Both initially aim for darker takes on the stories, with mature protagonists, yet before the movie is over each has fallen back on details from the classic versions. More »

Hot Shot: ‘Skateland’ Star Shiloh Fernandez

Hot Shot: 'Skateland' Star Shiloh Fernandez

Shiloh Fernandez is a model-turned-actor whose star is on the rise with a slew of new flicks. In Skateland, he stars opposite Ashley Greene as a kid from East Texas trying to navigate his 1970s world. He’s also gets to kiss Amanda Seyfriend in Red Riding Hood – and who knows, he might even be the wolf! Take a look at the Skateland trailer: More »