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On the Merits of Revisiting Children’s Television Shows as an Adult

On the Merits of Revisiting Childrenâs Television Shows as an Adult

Sure, having Friends show up on Nick at Nite makes us feel old. But you know what doesn’t make us feel old, even though it probably should? Revisiting our favorite childhood television shows. Go ahead, you can say it: Why, with the great wealth of programming available, would we ever need to go back and re-watch things we’ve already seen, in many cases decades ago? But don’t knock it. Really. Bizarre though it may seem, there’s a lot to be gained from revisiting favorites from your kidhood. Don’t believe me? Try these reasons on for size: More »

13 Spectacularly Creative Cosplay Costumes

13 Spectacularly Creative Cosplay Costumes

My own particular nerdy tendencies have never reached dressing-up-as-beloved-fictional-characters heights, but I’m pretty impressed by those who DO venture into that territory. What better place, then, to showcase your lovingly-constructed masterpieces than San Diego Comic-Con, which incidentally is happening this weekend? We’ll bring you images of the best of this year’s SDCC costumes as soon as they start surfacing, but until then, in honor of the event, we bring you 13 of the most creative cosplay costumes we’ve ever seen from previous years. They’re not necessarily the most detailed of costumes (though a few are); but they all demonstrate some excellent outside-the-proverbial-box thinking. Who would you dress up as? Tell us in the comments! More »