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Rebecca Black’s “My Moment” Single Cover Could Use Some More Glitz

Rebecca Black's "My Moment" Single Cover Could Use Some More Glitz

Part of what made Rebecca Black an Internet sensation was that despite the $2,000 price tag attached to her vanity music video for “Friday,” she never seemed to intend for it to be seen by millions of people. So if she glams it up when she isn’t trying to promote it, it’s strange that the cover for the single so many people are awaiting, she’d look so toned down. This could be a yearbook photo. Where are the sequins, the strappy dress, the backseat?! More »

Crushable Quotable: Rebecca Black Isn’t Friends with Her Friend On Her Right Anymore

Crushable Quotable: Rebecca Black Isn't Friends with Her Friend On Her Right Anymore

So what happens to you after your single becomes the world’s biggest viral joke? If you’re Rebecca Black, you apparently become too famous for your high school. Benni Cinkle, who became a meme when she was “the girl in the pink dress” in her friend Rebecca’s “Friday” video, was interviewed by BlackBook about her newfound internet stardom. Among the revelations? Rebecca and Benni aren’t BFF anymore. Once again, fame tears people apart! More »

Video: ‘Friday,’ ‘Glee’-Style

Video: 'Friday,' 'Glee'-Style

It’s Friday, and you know what that means: Rebecca Black! Somehow, the cast of Glee manages to make “Friday” sound even more electronic than it did originally, which is an impressive feat, indeed. I probably rather go partyin’ partyin’ (yeah) with the Glee folk than with Rebecca herself, though, so I can’t really give them too hard a time about it.

Happy Friday, everyone! More »

‘Glee’ Will Cover Rebecca Black’s “Friday” in Prom Episode (and Other Rumors)

'Glee' Will Cover Rebecca Black's "Friday" in Prom Episode (and Other Rumors)

The crazy thing is, this year’s real proms will probably have “Friday” on the playlist. According to Vulture, Glee is adding Rebecca Black‘s viral hit to its repertoire for the much-anticipated prom episode. But there’s a twist: Instead of Black lookalike Lea Michele belting out the ode to fun, fun, fun, it’ll be Kevin McHale, Chord Overstreet, and Mark Salling. More »