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Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Bother Protesting The Show My Husband’s Not Gay

Here's Why You Shouldn't Bother Protesting The Show My Husband's Not Gay

So remember that new TLC show that I told you guys about a couple weeks ago? It’s called My Husband’s Not Gayand it’s about a group of Mormon dudes who are attracted to men, but married to women. You know, AS YOU DO. And as excited as I am to watch this trainwreck, there are some people who are justifiably angry about it going on the air — the people who know that being gay or straight isn’t something you can choose. So…everybody. More »

Bachelor And Bachelorette Couples That The Show Can’t Even Take Credit For

Bachelor And Bachelorette Couples That The Show Canât Even Take Credit For

For shows that were supposedly created to help people find their soul mate, The Bachelor and The Bachelorette have a surprisingly low success rate. (Well, I guess not that surprising, considering that these couples go from open relationships to engagements in six weeks, all on national television, but still.) My point is, sometimes the show does better at hooking people up when they just stay the eff out of it. More »