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Oh You Know I Got A Preview Clip From Tonight’s Real World: Portland

Oh You Know I Got A Preview Clip From Tonight's Real World: Portland

There’s a new episode of The Real World: Portland airing tonight, which means a lot of things. First of all it means we unfortunately have to sit through another entire episode of Jessica complaining about being alienated, and watching through my hands in terror every time Nia comes on the screen. But it also means that as a reward for enduring both of those things, we’ll be treated to some genuwine, home-grown drama. More »

Lets Guess What ‘Bed Intruder’ Antoine Dodson’s Reality Show Will Be!

Lets Guess What 'Bed Intruder' Antoine Dodson's Reality Show Will Be!

Do we have to tell you that Antoine Dodson, the guy behind the Bed Intruder song* is now getting a reality show? Really? We’d rather not. But fine:
TMZ says Antoine will be getting a reality show. Good for him. Really living the American Dream, assuming the American Dream involved turning the event of your sister almost getting sexually assaulted in her own home into a song you perform on Lopez Tonight. We blame those auto-tune the news guys. More »

Video: Sarah Palin Rather Be On TLC Reality Show Than ‘Stuffy Political Office’

Video: Sarah Palin Rather Be On TLC Reality Show Than 'Stuffy Political Office'

Sarah Palin: well, at least she’s not a witch. She is however, an outdoorsy, folksy, down-to-earthy mommy who would rather do naturey things in Alaska with her family than hang out with all those boring politics people. She just needs time to clear her head, get away from it all, and have camera crews follow her around 24/7 for her new TLC reality show Sarah Palin’s Alaska before she makes the last minute decision that what she does indeed want is to run for president and sit in a stuffy political office all day. At least, that’s what we’re getting from this new trailer for her TV show. More »