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Sex On The Wire: Charlie Sheen Is As Bad At Naming Things As You’d Expect

Sex On The Wire: Charlie Sheen Is As Bad At Naming Things As You'd Expect

Charlie Sheen‘s sex tape was going to be called Charlie’s Devils. Ha, he’s almost as funny as the guys who write Two and a Half Men. (Buzzfeed)

• Well, being a PUMA (a younger version of a cougar) is officially a “thing.” Or at least a reality show. (Tres Sugar)

Justin Bieber‘s first kiss was at age 11. And “awkward.” Yeah, he’s really learned some moves in the last 5 years. (The Frisky) More »

Lets Guess What ‘Bed Intruder’ Antoine Dodson’s Reality Show Will Be!

Lets Guess What 'Bed Intruder' Antoine Dodson's Reality Show Will Be!

Do we have to tell you that Antoine Dodson, the guy behind the Bed Intruder song* is now getting a reality show? Really? We’d rather not. But fine:
TMZ says Antoine will be getting a reality show. Good for him. Really living the American Dream, assuming the American Dream involved turning the event of your sister almost getting sexually assaulted in her own home into a song you perform on Lopez Tonight. We blame those auto-tune the news guys. More »

‘Deadset’ Premieres and 5 Reality Stars As Zombies

'Deadset' Premieres and 5 Reality Stars As Zombies

A long time ago we excitedly told you tales of Deadset, a BBC mockumentary in which the cast of Big Brother was terrorized by unholy flesh-eaters (besides themselves), and were forced to defend the house against a zombie onslaught. Well now the show has jumped the pond to America, and while we’re excited for the week-long mini-series, we can’t help but think of how great it would be if our own reality stars were given the undead treatment. More »

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes: The New Speidi? – Okay, here’s the thing: If Tom Cruise actually agreed to be on a reality television show, we’d all have to watch it, okay? Like, 24/7, Truman Show-style. Because we collectively asked for this as a culture, and if Tom wants to let us into his crazy-person sanctum, then we have no choice but to set our TiVos immediately. (via CeleBitchy)