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The 20 Creepiest Tweets About Justin Bieber’s Newfound Legality

The 20 Creepiest Tweets About Justin Bieber's Newfound Legality

You guys! Justin Bieber turns 18 today, which means you can finally…continue to leave him alone, because he has a girlfriend who is not you. But try telling that to certain #Beliebers out there. I dug a bit deeper into the “Belieber bday sex” trending topic to find a veritable snakepit of sexual horror and borderline criminality. I’m not sure the Biebs would still be laughing if he’d seen some of these. More »

For The Record, Lolita Was Not Sexually Precocious — She Was Raped

For The Record, Lolita Was Not Sexually Precocious â She Was Raped

When I first encountered the literary classic Lolita, I was the same age as the infamous female character. I was 15 and had heard about a book in which a grown man carries on a sexual relationship with a much younger girl. Naturally, I quickly sought out the book and devoured the entire contents on my bedroom floor, parsing through Humbert Humbert‘s French and his erotic fascination for his stepdaughter, the light of his life, the fire of his loins — Dolores Haze. I remember being in the ninth grade and turning over the cover that presented a coy pair of saddle shoes as I hurried through the final pages in homeroom.

Although I remember admiring the book for all its literary prowess, what I don’t recall is how much of the truth of that story resonated with me given that I was a kid myself. Because it wasn’t until I reread the book as an adult that I realized Lolita had been raped. She had been raped repeatedly, from the time she was 12 to when she was 15 years old. More »

Crushable Quoteable: Johnny Depp Apologizes For Comparing Paparazzi Photography To Rape

Crushable Quoteable: Johnny Depp Apologizes For Comparing Paparazzi Photography To Rape

Johnny Depp is the latest celeb who’s been forced to backtrack from a shitty, insensitive comment he made to the press. In an interview with Vanity Fair, Johnny said the following about being photographed by the paparazzi: “Well, you just feel like you’re being raped somehow. Raped … It feels like a kind of weird — just weird, man.” Naturally, the comment was pretty alarming and now Johnny has released a statement apologizing for his insensitivity: More »

True Blood Sex Recap: Mexican Viagra

True Blood Sex Recap: Mexican Viagra

Gross, gross, gross. I guess when I lamented the lack of sex on True Blood, I should have specified “consensual,” because—as much as I’m down to see Jason get straddled—I obviously don’t condone rape. And if the previews for next week’s episode are any indication, we’re doomed to suffer through several more scenes of Jason getting sexually abused. I might be interested to see how a better series explored the issue of consent, but this is True Blood, and I tune in for Pam’s fling of the week saying, “Suck it. Bite that neck. Harder.” Oh, well. While we’re on the topic of “no means no,” let’s take a look at all the sex in “If You Love Me, Why Am I Dyin’?”
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Video: ‘The Daily Show’ Defines ‘Rape’

Video: 'The Daily Show' Defines 'Rape'

There’s been a GOP movement in the House of Representatives to stop the federal funding for extreme circumstance abortions. You know, like rape and incest. But what is “rape” exactly? We all know that forcible rape is bad, but what about when a women is passed out and raped (yes that is rape). What if it’s statutory rape, where it could be two consenting people, one of whom is underage in the eyes of the state (or her parents)? Do those count as well? The Daily Show‘s Kristen Schaal takes a look. More »