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Shakedown In Energy Bar Land: Rachel Weisz’s Good Named Cleared!

Shakedown In Energy Bar Land: Rachel Weisz's Good Named Cleared!

After we posted a rumor that Rachel Weisz had been demanding wildly indulgent $100 power bars on the set of Terrence Malick‘s latest film (rumored to be titled The Burial, FYI), we received an immediate email tip from a man named Freddy Feliciano:

“I work for a wholesale natural food distributor and they don’t have protein bars that cost $100 dollars, not even close. We also deal with Craft Services and we give them deals with the food we give them, so nobody is demanding anything, we almost give the protein bars away in order to sell our other products.”

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Rachel Weisz allegedly demanded $100 energy bars on the set of Terrence Malick‘s latest film? – This rumor can’t possibly be true because there’s no way they make Power Bars that cost a 100 bucks a pop, right? This reminds us of the time we accidentally used our ex-boyfriend’s fountain pen that his dad had given him as a law school grad gift and he freaked out because it was worth $200 and not for actual writing and we were like: nope, no way pens cost more than $3.50. Jeez. (Vulture)

Rachel Weisz Talks Marriage

Rachel Weisz Talks Marriage

British beauty Rachel Weisz made an appearance on ABC’s The View this week and got to talking about marriage to her fiance of four years, American filmmaker Darren Aronofsky. She commented that she’s just now starting to think about actually … More »