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Adultery Site Offers David Boreanaz $250K To Be Their ‘Brand Manager’

Adultery Site Offers David Boreanaz $250K To Be Their 'Brand Manager'

This is probably the best news of the day, and it’s barely lunchtime., the “married dating service,” has landed on the best possible cheating celebrity to serve as their “brand manager”: David Boreanaz. You’ll remember that earlier this week David told the media that his 2010 affair with Rachel Uchitel actually strengthened his marriage to wife Jaime Bergman because they were able to build upon the bad experience together. More »

Not Being an Addict Is Nothing New for ‘Celebrity Rehab’

Not Being an Addict Is Nothing New for 'Celebrity Rehab'

This week, former Real Housewives of DC cast member Michaele Salahi was booted from Vh1′s Celebrity Rehab when it was revealed she wasn’t addicted to anything (except, possibly, famewhoring). While it seems like Celebrity Rehab did the right thing by kicking out someone who wasn’t genuine, they’ve kept people on in the past for the same thing. Last season, former Tiger Woods and David Boreanaz mistress Rachel Uchitel claimed that she was addicted to love (somebody cue Robert Palmer!) and that going into rehab helped her hide out from the press, who was “lynching” her. She spent the entire season sucking up air time and space that could have been better devoted to actual addicts like Jason Davis and Leif Garrett. More »

Crush Links: Lindsay Lohan Almost Runs Over Baby

Crush Links:  Lindsay Lohan Almost Runs Over Baby

• Jesus Christ, Lindsay Lohan. We knew we shouldn’t have given you your license back. How many days has it been since your last “incident” before you clip a mother walking her stroller with your SUV? (RadarOnline)

Tiger Woods divorce is finalized and Elin Nordegren takes $100 million… (NYDN)

• Just as mistress Rachel Uchitel buys herself a $2 million New York condo. (TMZ)

• How much would you pay for Pittsburgh Steeler Troy Polamalu‘s hair? Cuz one strand is currently for sale on Ebay. (Lemondrop)

• Wait…was it Kate Bosworth who cheated on Alexander Skarsgard? Apparently she wasn’t quite over former flame Orlando Bloom. (Perez Hilton)

• Right before her hosting of the VMAs, Chelsea Handler has split from Animal Planet’s Dave Salmoni.

Breaking Bad star (and Malcolm in the Middle dad) Bryan Cranston will be hosting Saturday Night Live this season. (Wall Street Journal) More »

Crush Links: Why Is Miley Cyrus Smoking Pot And Kissing Girls?

Crush Links: Why Is Miley Cyrus Smoking Pot And Kissing Girls?

A leaked script for Miley Cyrus‘ upcoming film LOL: Laughing Out Loud reveals that Miley’s teenage character has sex, smokes pot, kisses girls and flashes her Brazilian to her mom, played by Demi Moore. (Hollywood Life)

Lourdes was spotted wearing an wristband emblazoned with a non-subtle marijuana leaf. (Radar)

Jeremy London denies having an affair with Rachel Uchitel in Celebrity Rehab. Not under Dr. Drew‘s watch! (People)

Heidi has confirmed her sex tape exists, and now she’s getting down to business to get paid for it. (TMZ)

Blind Item: Which former A-list actor is cheating on his wife, who makes him carry a tracking device so she knows where he is at all times? His assistant holds on to the device while said former A-list actor cheats. (Crazy Days And Nights)

The party guests wanted “mellow,” but SamRo decided to go all techno on them. (Page Six)

Anna Paquin shows off her sparkler. (UK Daily Mail)

Is Mariah pregnant or not? If every picture tells a story, then YES! (Popeater) More »