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Julian Assange Is A (Sort Of) Free Man – The WikiLeaks founder might be let out on bail today after a week in jail for having sex with a woman without a condom. Then again, he could still be in jail later today, albeit a totally different jail than the one he was in this morning. Then they’ll let him go. This is already more confusing than WikiLeaks. (New York Times)

Katy Perry wears a traditional Indian nose ring - The Katy/Russell wedding is almost here! Katy’s been photographed with a “nath” in her nose, the traditional gold chain worn by brides in India. Man, we cannot wait to see those wedding photos. (PopEater)

MTV Needs to Think of a Better Slogan for Its Financial Aid Sponsorship – While we appreciate that Viacom is offering $100k for the university that has the best online resource to get students applying for financial aid, the “Get Schooled College Affordability Challenge” sounds like it was created by someone who didn’t major in English good. Is it missing a colon? (Cornell Sun)

Lots of love for a little princess boy - This totally made us cry like three times. Five-year-old Dyson is a boy who likes to dress up in sparkly gowns – and his whole family thinks it’s great. His mom even wrote a book called My Princess Boy that’s being used as an anti-bullying tool. Ordered! (The Frisky)

Is the world ready for Skating With the Stars? - ABC has announced its decision to finally move ahead with the long-rumored figure skating reality show. Hooray! We foresee a lot of blooper videos in our future. (Vulture)