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Questionable Choices: Elle Fanning And Dakota Fanning Pose For Terry Richardson

Questionable Choices: Elle Fanning And Dakota Fanning Pose For Terry Richardson

No no no. We are not comfortable with Dakota and Elle Fanning jumping in the air and flashing thumbs-up with glasses-wearing creep Terry Richardson. It doesn’t matter that the whole shoot seemed to be entirely respectable and the girls kept their clothes on. Just knowing that they were in the same room with him — or, as the Celebuzz caption says, Sisters Dakota and Elle Fanning have fun with photographer Terry Richardson – gives us the heebie jeebies. More »

Questionable Choices: Mark Ballas Wears Guyliner

Questionable Choices: Mark Ballas Wears Guyliner

When I was in the tenth grade, my boyfriend Joe was in a band. They called their genre “horror punk” and all their songs were about The Lost Boys. Joe used to wear black Converse sneakers, tight black jeans, a black hoodie and eyeliner. I thought he looked awesome. That was 11 years ago. Now that I’m an adult, seeing Mark Ballas wear the same look doesn’t elicit quite the same feelings of hormonal lust. More »

Questionable Choices: JWOWW’s SVEDKA Robot Halloween Costume

Questionable Choices: JWOWW's SVEDKA Robot Halloween Costume

I don’t know if you guys have those awful SVEDKA vodka ads in your town, but every time I walk past one I groan out loud. The jokes are just so bad! It’s “voted the best vodka of 2033,” so of course there’s a female robot posing with copy like Make your next trophy wife 100% titanium.

Now if that’s not embarrassing enough, New York City Halloween store Ricky’s has decided to release a SVEDKA_GRL costume—and Jersey Shore‘s JWOWW is modeling it. More »

Questionable Choices: Katy Perry’s Pre-Halloween Skeleton Makeup

Questionable Choices: Katy Perry's Pre-Halloween Skeleton Makeup

Katy Perry is not someone who messes around with her pre-Halloween festivities. Last weekend she joined some friends at Knott’s Scary Farm, and went all-out with skeleton face paint. She even managed a cheeky tweet – Be honest with me, do I look tired? – probably poking fun at the Twitpic that husband Russell Brand posted a few months ago of Katy with bedhead and without any makeup. More »

Questionable Choices: Evan Rachel Wood’s Leather Dress

Questionable Choices: Evan Rachel Wood's Leather Dress

Growing up, my parents had this pair of coffee mugs that were my favorite coffee mugs in the whole, wide world. Each one featured an anthropomorphized cat: the lady feline was dressed as a ballerina and the male stood against his car in the rain, a private eye’s overcoat and wide-brimmed hat tilted down over his eyes. This photo of Evan Rachel Wood at the Ides of March premiere reminds me very much of that second cat, which explains my overpowering urge to lift her up and sip hot chocolate from head. More »