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Gallery: Evil Dictators And Their Secret Crushes

Gallery: Evil Dictators And Their Secret Crushes

Last week’s discovery of Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi‘s secret scrapbook of Condoleezza Rice got me thinking…is every despot motivated by intense feelings about some impossible love object? If so, might we somehow use this love to get them to stop doing terrible things? Maybe all Osama Bin Laden really needed was a hug from Whitney Houston. It was with this in mind that I compiled this list of evil dictators and my best guesses as to whom their secret crushes might be/have been. You know, for the good of humanity. More »

Crush Links: Queen Elizabeth’s Bloomers? Eep.

Crush Links: Queen Elizabeth's Bloomers? Eep.

Forget about Kate Middleton gossip. Let’s talk about Queen Elizabeth II. And her undies. A man in Florida owns a pair of her bloomers (that he found in the 60s) and now that he’s dead, they will be auctioned off. That’s not creepy at all. (TMZ)

Those undies are pretty big. But not as big as these ones. (Buzzfeed)

Justin Bieber cares! After a contestant on German variety show Wetten Das got injured, The Biebs canceled his appearance and tweeted good wishes. (celebuzz)

Mad Men star Christina Hendricks is getting a banana for Christmas. Sorry dudes, this is not sexual. (People)

My eyes! Kathy Griffin in a bikini! Oh wait. She looks pretty good. My brain! (Us)

The miracles of science! Nicole Kidman seems to have unfrozen her face somehow. (popbytes)

Speaking of frozen faces, Rose McGowan‘s is looking pretty troubled these days. (TMZ More »