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A Public Service Announcement About Ladies’ Rooms

A Public Service Announcement About Ladies' Rooms

Last night, I was at an event hosted by Crushable pals The Frisky when the clock struck eight. Which meant: World Series time! I manically googled sports bars until I found one nearby, and spend the next couple hours alone in the corner with a draught beer in my hand and Tim Lincecum‘s babyface in my eyeballs. (By the way, have you ever experienced Cliff Lee’s cut fastball set to “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” by Deep Blue Something as it’s playing over the speakers? Eery. Guess it’s better than having to do the wave twice an inning, though.)

Before leaving (go Giants, I guess), I headed to the bathroom — too many beers, guys — which was located at the back off the bar. I spotted a door with a sign that said “Women.” Then I looked to the right: another door with a sign saying “Women.” And then only one more door, with a sign that said “Men.” More »

Hilary Duff for ThinkB4YouSpeak

Hilary Duff for ThinkB4YouSpeak

As mentioned before, Hilary Duff filmed a public service announcement that discourages bullying and harassment of teenagers who are gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender. The Advertising Council, which co-ordinates public service campaigns, is introducing a series of ads meant to … More »