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I Went To Prom With Andrew Rannells – The Gay Guy From Girls

I Went To Prom With Andrew Rannells â The Gay Guy From Girls

Yes, I went to prom not once, but TWICE with Andrew Rannells. Go ahead and be jealous. He was an amazing date! We ripped up the dance floor and he got me the most spectacular orchid corsage that I want to replicate for my wedding. We posed for this picture on purpose, quite dramatically. Andrew and I caused quite the commotion at this event. It was in Omaha, Nebraska at an ALL boys Catholic school event where women where allowed to venture onto campus once a year on this magical night. More »

Illustrated Guide: 10 Things You Need To Know About Prom (From Someone Who Never Went)

Illustrated Guide: 10 Things You Need To Know About Prom (From Someone Who Never Went)

Prom is a formal event for high school students that takes place near the end of senior year… but it’s so much more than that. Prom is also a very important event in a young woman’s life. You might say it’s the most important thing she ever does (besides get married, obviously).

Here’s a true testament to the massive significance of prom: I know everything about it and I didn’t even go*. Prom’s influence is so far-reaching, so pervasive, so unquantifiable that I know pretty much all there is to know about it, thanks to pop culture. Here, I’ve helpfully narrowed down the 10 most important things about prom in one helpful Illustrated Guide. More »

4 More Ways Your Prom Night Can End In Disaster

4 More Ways Your Prom Night Can End In Disaster

There are a lot of things for parents to worry when their kids go to the prom. Drinking! Sex! Tulle! Sure, kids could be having drunken hook-ups at any time, but it’s the formalwear that really seems to sends parents’ stress levels over the edge. And while many towns are banding together to make sure teens have sober, pure prom nights, if these proms gone wrong have taught us anything, parents have a lot more to worry about. More »

Dear Young People of America, Senior Year Is Actually Not the Best Time of Your Life

Dear Young People of America, Senior Year Is Actually Not the Best Time of Your Life

It’s prom/graduation season, which means that wherever you look on TV there’s an almost fetishistic obsession with these rites of passage. On 16 and Pregnant, Danielle Cunningham sounded more upset about missing out on her senior year with her friends than about the fact that she suddenly had a new baby that she’d be responsible for for the next eighteen years or so. On Glee, Quinn announced, “you can get married as many times as you like — you only have one shot at your junior prom.” Movies from Can’t Hardly Wait to American Pie are all about admitting to your crush that you love them before everybody heads off to college and how high school is some kind of important metaphor for the rest of our lives. More »

Prom King and Queen Is a Non-Issue for ’90210′

Prom King and Queen Is a Non-Issue for '90210'

When Glee extra Nicole Crowther spoiled the identity of the prom king and queen on Twitter a few weeks ago, producer Brad Falchuk (and, we might imagine, Fox) was livid. In contrast, The CW was happy to reveal ahead of time who made prom king and queen for next week’s episode of 90210.

In the above promo pic, Naomi (Anna-Lynn McCord), sporting a sparkly tiara, places an equally regal crown on Teddy’s (Trevor Donovan)’s head. I think it’s safe to assume what’s going on here. More »

Prom Flick Check List: Disney’s ‘Prom’

Prom Flick Check List: Disney's 'Prom'

We’re almost to the end of prom season — the dresses have been bought, the hair has been styled, the corsages have been placed on waiting wrists. And while you may have already attended your school’s dance or are gearing up for the coming weekend, part of the ritual hasn’t happened: Watching how prom is portrayed in TV and movies.

This year, we’ve got a handful of TV episodes and at least one movie focused on this pivotal high school celebration. So in the tradition of Crushable’s Chick Flick Check List, here’s a Prom Flick Check List — tallying up romantic dramas, the search for the perfect dress, the delight of the unexpected, and choreographed dance scenes. All scores are out of 100. More »

13 of the Best TV Proms Ever

13 of the Best TV Proms Ever

It’s that time of year again: Prom season! A spectacular night wherein teenagers get to pretend to be way more grown up than they actually are, prom is the holy grail of high school. The dresses! The tuxes! The limos! Magic! Naturally, most people’s real-life proms end up being less than perfect, but that doesn’t stop the phenomenon of the annual television prom episode. From bow dresses to anti-proms, here’s a look at some of our favorite television proms: More »

‘Glee’ Will Cover Rebecca Black’s “Friday” in Prom Episode (and Other Rumors)

'Glee' Will Cover Rebecca Black's "Friday" in Prom Episode (and Other Rumors)

The crazy thing is, this year’s real proms will probably have “Friday” on the playlist. According to Vulture, Glee is adding Rebecca Black‘s viral hit to its repertoire for the much-anticipated prom episode. But there’s a twist: Instead of Black lookalike Lea Michele belting out the ode to fun, fun, fun, it’ll be Kevin McHale, Chord Overstreet, and Mark Salling. More »