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Pretty Little Liars Catch-Up Sesh: A Is Back, Bitches

Pretty Little Liars Catch-Up Sesh: A Is Back, Bitches

Pretty Little Liars is back and so is A. How can that be, you ask? Mona is in an insane asylum after kidnapping Spencer and nearly killing Hanna, Aria, and Emily. Well, remember Mona mentioned something about the “A-Team.” And I’m guessing that doesn’t mean a shirtless Bradley Cooper and a Mr. T look alike. Although I’m sure we wouldn’t mind a shirtless Toby. Or Ezra. Or Jason. Or Caleb. Or Wren. Pretty much any guy on the show sans clothes would be great. ANYWAY. Let’s go over what we learned last season to prep for tonight’s episode! More »

Crushable Confession: I Am Obsessed With Pretty Little Liars

Crushable Confession: I Am Obsessed With Pretty Little Liars

Until I heard the news about Pretty Little Liars getting released on DVD on June 5, I kept my favorite guilty pleasure to myself. As a huge PLL fan who’s watched religiously for two seasons, I never really discussed the show with my friends before. Maybe the secrecy of the characters got to me.

But now that I’m counting up my cash for the DVD, I’m getting so excited about rewatching Season 2 that I can’t keep my love of the show to myself anymore! More »

Video: ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Star Tyler Blackburn Sings for New Web Series ‘Wendy’

Video: 'Pretty Little Liars' Star Tyler Blackburn Sings for New Web Series 'Wendy'

Tyler Blackburn has made a name for himself as bad boy Caleb Rivers on Pretty Little Liars, but did you know that he can sing, too? Because he can! Not only is Blackburn set to star in a new web series from the producers of The Vampire Diaries called Wendy, but also, he lends his vocal talents to the series’ theme song. Wendy, which premieres on September 15, will update the classic tale of Peter Pan in fun ways for a modern audience; Blackburn will star as Pete, and Meaghan Martin of Camp Rock will take on the title role. When faced with a choice between the boy she loves and the boy of her dreams, who will Wendy pick? Tune in to find out! The show’s theme song, “Save Me,” is performed by indie rock band Golden State, and features Blackburn belting his pretty little heart out. Check out the smoldering hot video here: More »

‘Pretty Little Liars’ Recap: Welcome To Makeout City

'Pretty Little Liars' Recap: Welcome To Makeout City

Last night’s episode of Pretty Little Liars was probably one of the most intense ones to date. Also, it was filled with A LOT of making out. Saying I loved it would be a vast understatement. Seriously, be still my “Ezria” loving heart. But I digress. “Make It Stick” featured some disturbing discoveries about Jason, some interesting/sexy dreams, relationship complications for Emily and some heartbreaking Hanna and Caleb moments. Oh and even though creepy Jenna was just in a couple of scenes, she was truly and awfully creepy.

The episode starts with some hot and heavy Aria/Ezra making out turned into Aria/Jason making out. Of course, it was a dream. Hotness. Meanwhile, Em and Han stand guard outside the morgue. Spencer apparently couldn’t find the missing page in Ali’s report. Then, the girls see Jenna talking about getting the bandages off and seeing. Whoa. Talk about a crazy direction to go in. More »

‘Pretty Little Liars’ Recap: A Trip To The Morgue

'Pretty Little Liars' Recap: A Trip To The Morgue

Last night’s episode of Pretty Little Liars “Save the Date” was quite intense. The girls took a trip to the morgue to try and figure out Ali’s death, Em has quite a physical/health set back and we learn more about shady Garrett and creepy Jenna and what they might be hiding. And I forgot to mention that “Ezria” fans like me were a tad disappointed by this episode, and especially by the preview for the next episode, but I have faith that they will be together in the end. This episode felt to me like people were trying to get closure — Hanna’s parents for sure (more on that later) and the girls about Ali’s death. But one thing is for sure, this season is certainly ramping up to something big.

The episode starts with the girls talking outside Em’s house (because she had to go to her old house to fix the alarm) and they see Garrett’s car. He’s going into Jenna’s house. The girls get out to follow — love Han’s eye roll here. Jenna opens the window shade dressed all scantily as her and Garrett make out. The girls are shocked. As the audience, we obviously knew this episodes ago but it was still a nice reveal.

The next morning, Em working out like crazy to prepare for her big meet with the Danby scout. But she’s clearly in a lot of pain. Something (ahem the previews) tell me she’s going to end up in the hospital… More »