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Questionable Choices: Evan Rachel Wood’s Leather Dress

Questionable Choices: Evan Rachel Wood's Leather Dress

Growing up, my parents had this pair of coffee mugs that were my favorite coffee mugs in the whole, wide world. Each one featured an anthropomorphized cat: the lady feline was dressed as a ballerina and the male stood against his car in the rain, a private eye’s overcoat and wide-brimmed hat tilted down over his eyes. This photo of Evan Rachel Wood at the Ides of March premiere reminds me very much of that second cat, which explains my overpowering urge to lift her up and sip hot chocolate from head. More »

Snap This: Harry Potter’s Matt Lewis Just Keeps Getting Hotter

Snap This: Harry Potter's Matt Lewis Just Keeps Getting Hotter

This is absurd, you guys. It’s sorcery. Harry Potter star Matt Lewis is literally getting hotter and hotter by the day. Earlier this week, we brought up his transformation from goofy Neville Longbottom into a cute, charming dude — but now, just days later at the Chicago premiere of Deathly Hallows Part 2, Matt’s simply smoldering. What the hell kind of magic are they teaching at Hogwarts? And how can we use it on all the boys we know? More »

Exclusive Video: Jeremy Piven Gets Beaten Up In Slow Motion

Exclusive Video: Jeremy Piven Gets Beaten Up In Slow Motion

Yesterday we wondered what the hell Jeremy Piven was doing hanging with a bunch of 5th graders after he tweeted about an upcoming middle school play he was nervous about. Who allowed this? Who lets let Ari Gold near their children? Without any context, this news was funny and absurd. Of course, that was before someone sent us the footage of Jeremy’s performance, which involved a lot of contact dance and karate moves. More »