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Lady Gaga’s Naked Bondage Polaroids Make Us Feel Weird

Lady Gaga's Naked Bondage Polaroids Make Us Feel Weird

Remember the Vogue Hommes Japan cover with Lady Gaga clad in a dress of meat? Turns out that shoot also produced a series of Polaroids of a bound-and-gagged Gaga that never made it into the magazine. And it’s pretty clear why they were shelved: yes there’s nudity in them, but more incendiary than that, the shots take a woman known for being a strong female icon and reduce her to a vulnerable, unprotected mess Gawker describes as “looking like she is about to be raped.” (NSFW) More »

5 Things You Shouldn’t Do While Wearing Lady Gaga’s New Polaroid Glasses

5 Things You Shouldn't Do While Wearing Lady Gaga's New Polaroid Glasses

These Terminator-style glasses are the result of Lady Gaga‘s year-long collaboration with Polaroid, and –surprise! — they look like something nobody but Lady Gaga would ever wear. The glasses display video on little screens underneath each eye, either uploaded via an SD card or shot with the glasses’ built-in camera. Which is cool if you’re a robot in a Sci Fi flick, but terrible if you’re a human being trying to actually accomplish tasks. Here’s a list of things you should definitely avoid doing while wearing these Polarez GL20s: More »