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Crush Links: Gene Simmons And Shannon Tweed Are Officially Married

Crush Links: Gene Simmons And Shannon Tweed Are Officially Married

Tupac’s sex tape discovered. (Celeb Dirty Laundry)

• Congrats! Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed finally tie the knot. (Hollywood Hiccups)

Pippa Middleton looking hot in red. (Have U Heard)

David Beckham on the cover of WSJ Magazine. (Celeb Dirty Laundry)

• Check the hilarious SNL Digital Short: Storm. (Hollywood Hiccups)

Rihanna talks about her childhood in Vogue. (Have U Heard)

Orlando simply adores his wife. (Lainey Gossip)


Gallery: Happy Birthday, Pippa Middleton

Gallery: Happy Birthday, Pippa Middleton

Pippa Middleton is one of those rare famous-by-association celebrities who attracts a minimum of ire from the general public. Maybe it’s because she doesn’t seem to be trying too hard to get our attention. Maybe it’s because she seems to agree that all the attention being paid to her (and her nice but relatively normal-looking backside) is a bit silly, but she will play along and smile for the camera nonetheless because it seems to make people happy. In any case, she’s turning 28 today, so I’ve assembled some nice photos of her (and her butt) wearing various outfits and having various types of fun. Happy birthday to you, and your little bum, too. More »

Crush Links: Congrats To Jessica Alba And Husband On Their Newest Addition

Crush Links: Congrats To Jessica Alba And Husband On Their Newest Addition
  • Congrats to Jessica Alba and husband Cash Warren. They welcomed their second baby girl into the world. (Celeb Dirty Laundry)
  • Hilary Duff and husband Mike Comrie celebrated their one-year anniversary with the announcement that they are expecting. (Hollywood Hiccups)
  • Robert Pattinson wants his own fashion line. Would you sport his stuff? (Have U Heard)
  • Pippa Middleton looking fashionable while out supporting her boyfriend at his cricket match. (Celeb Ditry Laundry)
  • Nicki Minaj brought out her lap dance moves on Drake last night while in Toronto for the Femme Fatal tour. (Hollywood Hiccups)
  • Except to see the beloved Carrie Bradshaw back on TV, in a new television series. (Have U Heard)
  • Bridget Jones will be back on the big screen for a third round. Will you go see it? (Lainey Gossip)

Pippa Middleton is the Kraken

Pippa Middleton is the Kraken

Earlier this week, we shared our favorite overstatements from TLC’s Pippa Middleton special, Crazy About Pippa. It was preceded, by the way, by something called Wild about Prince Harry. Now, the weird thing about these two specials is this: Harry has had a high-profile life filled with enough hijinks and shenanigans to comfortably fill an hour-long fluff piece. Pippa, though? She… kind of hasn’t really done anything other than be Kate’s sister and look nice in a bridesmaid’s dress. My favorite piece of ridiculous, though, was the bit about “unleashing” Pippa on the world. Which just made me think of Liam Neeson bellowing “RELEASE THE KRAKEN!” So here you go, Internet. The original 1981 Clash of the Titans kraken with Pippa Middleton’s head shopped onto it. Badly. You’re welcome. More »

The 8 Biggest Overstatements from TLC’s ‘Crazy About Pippa’

The 8 Biggest Overstatements from TLC's 'Crazy About Pippa'

It took less than four months, but now there’s an hour-long special devoted entirely to Pippa Middleton, and it’s just as bad as you would think: Stalker-like attention to the details of her childhood, uninformed guesses on her love life and marriage prospects, and hyperbole about her status as a fashion icon and owner of a splendid ass. For Crazy About Pippa, TLC relied on various bloggers, British historians, and the Middletons’ (less attractive) cousin Katrina Darling to blurt out statements as ridiculous as they are patently untrue. Here are our favorites. More »

Where’s the Pippa Middleton Comic Book?

Where's the Pippa Middleton Comic Book?

Bluewater Productions, the company responsible for all of the awful unauthorized celebrity graphic-novel biographies, has its hooks in the royal family. The latest victim is Prince Harry, who will see The Royals: Prince Harry be released on August 24. There’s a 32-page “single-issue” comic and a longer graphic novel detailing the “Wild Child” and his headline-making shenanigans. This comes after at least two books devoted to Will and Kate: One for their romance and one for April’s royal wedding, of course. In fact, the only people left to profile are Pippa Middleton and Princess Beatrice‘s toilet seat hat. More »

11 Comic Books That Shouldn’t Exist, But Do Anyway

11 Comic Books That Shouldn't Exist, But Do Anyway

Did you know that Stephenie Meyer has a comic book? Because she does. And it’s not a Twilight comic book; it’s a comic book that actually features Meyer as its main character. Why? I HAVE NO IDEA. As a matter of fact, I have no idea why ANY of these 11 comic books exist, but no matter how hard I try to believe that they don’t, they persist in being real, actual comic books that you can actually purchase and and actually read. Do they wig you guys out as much as they do me? Read on and let us know! More »