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We Could Get Behind Lady Gaga and Beyonce As Pop Culture Power Rangers

We Could Get Behind Lady Gaga and Beyonce As Pop Culture Power Rangers

It’s shocking how many times the Power Rangers have changed forms since we watched the original show in 1993. They’ve been ninjas, samurai, time travelers, and possibly dinosaurs? (They’re almost as bad as the Disney princesses!) But we kinda like this new reimagining of them as pop princesses with hair that conveniently matches the colors of the originals’ uniforms. More »

Video: Does Pink’s ‘F*ckin’ Perfect’ Make Cutting Look Cool?

Video: Does Pink's 'F*ckin' Perfect' Make Cutting Look Cool?

Somewhere in the middle of high school, cutting yourself became a cool thing to do. It suddenly appeared one day on the radar as something people did -no d’uh – though I remember thinking at the time that we were probably the first generation of kids ever stupid enough to put something permanent on their bodies just because we hated our parents/school/whatever. (Tattoos and piercings didn’t count of course, because they were awesome.) More »

Gallery: How Celebrities Hide – Or Flaunt – Their Baby Bump

Gallery: How Celebrities Hide - Or Flaunt - Their Baby Bump

How did everyone in Hollywood get knocked up in the span of like, two weeks? We thought babies were the new hot commodity in 2008, and that this year’s trend would be, we dunno, adopting a baby from space or something. (There are a lot of babies in outer space that need good homes, just check out 2001: A Space Odyssey if you don’t believe me.)

And just as there are many different types of celeb fashion, there are just as many ways to flaunt your baby bump, which is that extra 4 pounds that paparazzi starts taking pictures of, regardless of whether you’re actually pregnant or not. We check out the recent mommys-to-be to see how they’re accessorising around nature’s little accessory. More »

Crush Links: Pink’s Baby Will Love Whiskey Too

Crush Links: Pink's Baby Will Love Whiskey Too

Pink wants to name her baby boy after a fine whiskey: Jameson. (People)

Ok. The Kardashians are no longer associated with that teen credit card that might be illegal. Please ignore their faces on your plastic. (TMZ)

Oh Lindsay, the papparazzi are the least of your problems. The rehabbing Lohan thinks she lost her license because of the papps. And she wants a restraining order. (TMZ)

The cast of The Jersey Shore are renegotiating their salary. Again. (celebuzz)

Twilight star Taylor Lautner is dating Phil Collins‘ daughter Lily. Apparently dad now approves of him. (celebuzz)

That was quick. Teen Mom‘s Amber Portwood has welcomed her baby daughter Leah back home. (Us) More »

Crush Links: Was Prince William And Kate’s Engagement… Well Timed?

Crush Links: Was Prince William And Kate's Engagement... Well Timed?

Prince William and Kate Middleton‘s engagement a cover up for torture silence? (The Nation)

Maybe not. But speaking of royals, Kate now has Princess Diana’s engagement ring. (TMZ)

Lindsay Lohan might finally realize that her mom Dina is bad for her well being. (TMZ)

Pink went on Ellen to let everyone know she’s pregnant. (celebuzz)

Taylor Swift says she used to give terrible dating advice. (popeater)

Ke$ha went to the beach. And she looks a lot cleaner after swimming in the ocean. (TheSuperficial)

Say goodbye to Nancy Botwin. Next season could be Weeds‘ last for Mary Louise Parker and crew. (omg!)

Fans threw condoms at Joe Jonas. (ONTD) More »

Poll: Battle Of The Pink Animals

Poll: Battle Of The Pink Animals

It’s been a pink news day. In London, a woman stirred up controversy by dying her cat to match her own cotton candy hair (though we think the bigger crime is naming the pet “Oi! Kitty!”), while across the world in Kenya, two tourists spotted a pink hippo wading through the mud.

The hippo has something called leucism, which basically means his skin’s got a reduced level of pigmentation. (While the pink cat just has something called an irresponsible owner.) We’re having a hard time deciding which of these pastel creatures is more badass, so we’re taking it to the polls! More »