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Love It Or Leave It: Katy Perry’s Purple Frocky Thing

Love It Or Leave It: Katy Perry's Purple Frocky Thing

Katy Perry isn’t one to shy away from color, as we learned in yesterday’s gallery of clownish ensembles. But the bright purple isn’t the problem with this dress, which Katy donned for her perfume launch event, it’s the weird length and poofy skirt. Looks kind of cupcakey, no? The top half is super cute, though. It’s nicely form-fitting and that bow is adorable. So we’re torn!

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Paris Hilton Channels Marilyn Monroe

Paris Hilton Channels Marilyn Monroe

We’ve seen the preview pics before of Paris Hilton dressed up as the world’s most famous bottle blonde to promote her Tease fragrance before, we just didn’t know the heiress would be donning the Marilyn Monroe look for the actual launch of the perfume. Our bad: How could she resist stepping all over the icon’s grave? More »