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Justin Timberlake Goes To Taco Bell After People’s Choice, Is All ‘This Is What People Do, Right?’

Justin Timberlake Goes To Taco Bell After People's Choice, Is All 'This Is What People Do, Right?'

Last night the People’s Choice Awards were handed out, and if there’s one choice people love to make, it’s the choice to award Justin Timberlake with things. So naturally he walked away from the ceremony with three new awards. Then he decided to do that thing celebrities do where they’re all dressed up and high on their award win and are craving attention fast food. More »

Katy Perry Won’t Be Going To The People’s Choice Awards

Katy Perry Won't Be Going To The People's Choice Awards

Anyone who was planning to tune into the People’s Choice Awards just to see if Katy Perry looks any different post-split, start making new Wednesday night plans. Katy revealed she wouldn’t be making it to tomorrow night’s ceremony yesterday through twitter, saying, “Unfortunately I will not be able to attend the People’s Choice Awards. I want to thank u all for voting for me, fingers crossed! #KATYCATS.” More »

Why So Brown, Ladies At The People’s Choice Awards?

Why So Brown, Ladies At The People's Choice Awards?

Everyone knows that that the 10 mile radius surrounding Hollywood is Ground Zero in the overtanning war zone. And while Los Angeles is always on Orange Alert, last night at The People’s Choice Awards, things were taken to a whole new level. The ladies in attendance weren’t simply over tanned (though there was plenty of that on display.) Rather, it seemed like a lot of the women on stage last night had made a pact to be more…brown.

Why? Are we missing something? Last time we checked, dirt and formal affairs do not mix so well (unless you’re Ke$ha). Note: Ke$ha was not in attendance. More »