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Cheryl Cole Booted from ‘X Factor’ For Being Easier to Understand Than Paula Abdul

Cheryl Cole Booted from 'X Factor' For Being Easier to Understand Than Paula Abdul

Although Cheryl Cole is arguably the biggest star in the UK, her attempt to cross over to America has not worked out. Though she was tapped to be one of the four judges on the US version of X Factor (which she was a judge on in England), TMZ announced today that Cole was let go and is being replaced with Nicole Scherzinger, aka the Pussycat Doll who can actually sing. The reason that Cheryl lost the gig? Reportedly, it was because her distinct “Geordie” accent was too hard to understand. More »

A Guide To The Rumored Hookups Of ‘American Idol’

A Guide To The Rumored Hookups Of 'American Idol'

Word on the American Idol streets (neon, paved with gold) is contestants Casey Abrams and Haley Reinhart have been hooking up: sources have spotted them getting super flirty and sharing one another’s laps. Casey and Haley are hardly the first pair of Idol flingers — contestants have been setting off the rumor alert since Season 1, when Justin Guarini allegedly three-timed behind the scenes. So here they are, the rumored hookups from 10 seasons of Idol. More »

Crush Links: Audrina ‘Ceiling Eyes’ Patridge’s New Show Debuts Next Month

Crush Links: Audrina 'Ceiling Eyes' Patridge's New Show Debuts Next Month

Will you watch Audrina Patridge‘s new reality show? At least it has to be better than The Hills... right?(People)

Mike Huckabee accuses 29-year-old Academy Award winning actress and Harvard grad,  Natalie Portman, of “glorifying and “glamourizing” out-of-wedlock pregnancy. (Us Magazine)

Paula Abdul called 911 on her boyfriend on Valentine’s Day. (TMZ) More »

So many drunk Paula Abdul clips at once –  In an interview with CBS’s Julie Chen, Paula Abdul claimed that she’s never been drunk in her life. Ever helpful, Julie retorted with a collection of clips that seem to show Paula acting pretty shit-faced. Point: Julie. (Jezebel)

Celeb TweetUp: Emily Post Etiquette Edition

Celeb TweetUp: Emily Post Etiquette Edition

When people get famous, they don’t magically stop getting annoyed at the rest of the world. And when celebrities with Twitter accounts get pissed off, sharing those critiques is easy.

Today in the twitterverse, there were a lot of celebrities who would like to share a few etiquette tips. We’ve got an Office star who would like parents to stop using baby voices, and a celebrity reporter who thinks Courteney Cox‘s daughter is going to end up in therapy. Also, Tom Cruise wants people to start paying more attention to his spelling mistakes. More »

Exclusive: ‘Vampire Diaries’ Kat Graham Gives Us Her Pop Culture Predictions

Exclusive: 'Vampire Diaries' Kat Graham Gives Us Her Pop Culture Predictions

We have to admit: We were nervous about talking to Kat(erina) Graham. As much as we like our vampire mythologies around here, it’s daunting to talk to someone whose character Bonnie Bennett on the CW’s Vamprie Diaries happen to be a psychic and a witch. Add in the fact that the young actress recently covered Paula Abdul’s “Cold Hearted Snake” and is slated to appear in two major films this year, and you’ve got a downright formidable young actress to call up. Was she going to be a diva? A ditz? Little did we know (though maybe Kat did, psychically), that by the end of the interview we’d accidently say “I love you,” instead of “Goodbye.” Too much? We don’t care: Kat Graham is a kick-ass lady. More »