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Gallery: Seriously, How Hot Is Patrick Schwarzenegger?

Gallery: Seriously, How Hot Is Patrick Schwarzenegger?

The worst thing happened the other day, you guys. I was walking to the subway — headphones in, iced coffee trickling down my gullet — and I made eye contact with a cute dude walking on the other side of the street. I kept it up with the eyes, getting all swoony, and when he got closer I saw that he was wearing a backpack. And realized I was walking near a high school. Basically, I felt the same kind of creepy that I do when admiring photos of the beautiful specimen that is Patrick Schwarzenegger (who’s now going by Patrick Shriver). Want to experience those mixed emotions yourself? Then check out this gallery. More »

Patrick Schwarzenegger… Revealed!

Patrick Schwarzenegger... Revealed!

If there’s one good thing to come out of the Arnold Schwarzenegger “love child” scandal it’s the raise in profile of Arnold’s oldest son, Patrick. He’s been vocal about the situation on Twitter, defending the strength of his family. What else does Patrick have going on? Here are five things to know about the cute 17-year-old: More »